Lump on cervix

Hi , I went to my gp last week after having some mild stomach discomfort and bleeding after sex . After an examination , she found a lump on my cervix . I have been referred for a colposcopy under the 2 week urgent referral . I have previously had 2 lots of lletz treatments following severe dyskirosis twice . I had a clear smear in Feb and have tested negative for hpv. Anyone had anything similar . I am 36 and a mum of 4

Hi shelly, I'm not sure but I'm thinking the fact you a had a clear smear in Feb is a good thing. Could the lump maybe be scar tissue from your 2 lletz surgeries which would explain the bleeding too x

Hi shelly. I'm 30 and mum of two and have similar problem to yourself. Only I went to the nurse today and she said I have 3 swollen vessels on my cervix. I'm being referred to gynaecology and I'm worried sick over it. I have my smear done on Jan and mine was also clear. I was told today that is a good thing.x

Hi ladies, I have just last week had a smear test not just because I was due one

but because I've noticed a fleshy lum on my cervix. i asked the nurse performing the smear if she could see a lump and she said yes. She said that she had taken a sample from it so just to wait to hear back from results. How did you ladies get on with your results?