Lump just inside vagina

Hey lovelies. I’m currently waiting for a CT scan as my last mri showed some activity around the site of the primary tumour (the consultant said he wasn’t sure what it was, and neither was the mdt) . I’ve just found a weird lump just inside my vagina. It’s soft, and kind of hanging down, but it’s pretty sore and I’m freaking out! Has anyone had any experience of weird lumps and bumps following treatment? I had chemo rads and 10 extra radio doses for stage 2b xxx


How are you doing?

Hey hun, I’m doing ok thank you, how are you? I had my CT scan last Thursday so still waiting on the results. Thank you so much for checking up on me though❤️ It scared me a little when I got to the hospital as they scanned my pelvis, abdomen and my chest (wasn’t expecting the chest part!). Trying to stop my brain going to the worst case scenario lol, I’m sure it’s all nothing but playing the waiting game again is nerve wracking! xx

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I hear you. I’m starting to get a bit weird about my upcoming scan :eye: I dread to think all the fun I’ve had lately & the peacefulness could be cut short with bad news. A friend is coming to stay with me during that week & do a camping trip after which I will very much appreciate to have something to distract me. Please let us know about the results, I’ll be rooting for you! :heart:


Camping sounds like an amazing distraction! Enjoy lovely​:smiling_face: I think I need to take a leaf out of your book and try and find something that will take my mind off things for a while. Time seems to move sooo slowly while you’re waiting for results!:weary: aw thank you so much hun, I’ll let you know when I find anything out​:kissing_heart: likewise, keep me updated! xxx

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I’m excited about the trip— going to the desert to kayak down river, pretty remote for 2 days, just some hot sun & cool river & camping on the river bank with a lil campfire at night. :heart::sparkles:

That sounds amazing!!!:heart: I’m so jealous​:joy: disconnect for a bit, have fun, and do what makes you happy! You deserve some time for you, especially after this poop hand we’ve been dealt xxx

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It’s been a lot of poop to deal with at times—both figurative & literal :poop:

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