Lump in groin

Hi everyone!

I haven’t been on here for ages and ages but here I am, back again, looking for some reassurance. :frowning:

I have a funny lump in my groin and although I will ask about it at my next check-up, I’m on holiday somewhere pretty remote and can’t seem to stop thinking about it and checking to see if it’s still there! Wondering if anyone has any words of wisdom! It’s in my groin, about level with the top of my pubic bone; hard, painless, doesn’t move and is about 1cm long by half a centimetre wide, kind of like a small baked bean in shape. I thought it might be a swollen lymph node and a sign I’m fighting an infection but it’s not at all tender. I have mild lymphoedema so I wonder if maybe a channel is a bit blocked-up - I noticed it a few days ago when I was doing an SLD massage. I’m sure it’ll turn out to be nothing to worry about but I can’t seem to stop thinking about what it is. I don’t feel all that well generally but I think that’s because I’ve been overdoing it with the excitement of being on holiday. To be honest, I usually have at least one day a week where I feel utterly wiped-out anyway!

Anyway, I’m wondering whether any of you have had groin lumps and know useful stuff! My next appointment with the oncologist is not until October but I’ll give him a call when I’m back from holiday in a couple of weeks. I haven’t mentioned my lump or any lump-related worries to anyone - my husband will not react well and I could do without his drama! (Every time I look a bit tired he’s mentally planning my funeral…it’s exhausting!! ;))

Kirsty xx

Hi Kirsty :-)

Lovely to see you back here again! I'm afraid I can be of no help whatsoever so just enjoy your hoilday, try not to think about it (stop poking it!) and call your doc when you are back home.

Go have an ice-cream! :-)

Be lucky :-)


Hope you're OK my lovely. Like Tivoli I can't give any helpful advice. I know we all worry about every little twinge now, and lumps are obviously scary, but try to enjoy your holibobs. A blocked lymph sounds very plausible, wait and see what doc says when you're home.

Otherwise, tea and cake soon??? 

Hi Tivoli! 

Lovely to see you're still on this forum too! :) Ice-cream is a lovely idea but hot chocolate was more appropriate on my rainy, windy Hebridean island. We were not lucky with the weather!

Okay...I've stopped poking and that has helped me stop thinking. I'll ask the doc and I expect there's a simle explanation.

Enjoy the warmer climate where you are!

Kirsty xx


Yeah, probably lymph node complaining at being short-staffed and over-worked! ;) 

Tea and cake sounds really good. Let's get the holidays out of the way and then go and eat scones.

K xx

I feel random lumps every now and then and I swear my foof (where the public hair is) swells up sometimes! I don't worry because my body keeps being weird with random pains and stuff all the might be a blocked lymph node or something - I wouldn't worry until your told to.

enjoy your holiday I'm planning on a week away in feb for my 30th xx

You have a Feb birthday like me! :-) 
But I'm 26 years years older than you :-(
Crap month for a birthday innit! ;-)

Oh yeah it is but 3 of my friends eave birthdays around the same time as me so a group of us usually do something this year was Liverpool although I ended coming back early because it was a very long day 

Hi. Have you managed to find out what the problem was. I have very similar symptoms and I have been complaining to my GP and counsultant for over a year now with no success of a diagnosis. Today I have finally had a groin scan and a lump was discovered but she didn't say any more than that. I am now worried given my cervical cancer history.