lump in cervix

Hi what a truely amazing site, such open and honest, wonderful people. Well here goes my story , i always had regular smears, except after my surprise baby, its been about 3yrs. Warning T.M.I I am very pro active when it comes to examining my lady bits, so when I felt a pea sized lump inside the opening of my cervix, lucky me always had a very low cervix. I knew it wasn't right. So toddled off to docs, had a smear done, came back negative, had a vaginal ultrasound, invisible, doc couldn't see it. So my doc says next step punch biopsy, doc can see and feel lump, is concerned cause the lump looks just like my cervix tissue, mentioned possibility adenoma as that can often be undetectable,. No discolouration not nabothian cyst, very solid, no unusual bleeding, I just have hot flushes, anterior prolapse, and terrible lethargy(I just put it down to working ft running after 2yr old, the teenagers and my hubby). So now waiting for appt, now I was wondering am I worrying for nothing, could this be c.c?? when should I speak to my family?? Hubby knows of course. Thanks that feels better, hopefully someone out there can relate maybe even offer some thoughts?

Hiya :-)

Well that's a strange one. Speaking only for myself I tend to keep my cards close to my chest and not make any announcements until I know the full picture. It's great that you can confide in hubby and personally I would limit it to that until you have a concrete diagnosis.

But that's just me.

Be lucky :-)


thanx, yep its a bit of an oddity, now I just play the waiting game.

Wow you did well finding your cervix.  Mine is so high even my Gyn couldn't see it.  I would feel positive that the scan did not reveal anything, mine stood out like a sore thumb.  As for telling anyone, I kept it to myself.


Your appointment should be soon, you never have to wait long for this sort of thing.



Thnx april, here's hoping. In aus wait times seem to be a lot less than in u.k, so I'm hoping to have the biopsy done soon. I wish we had a site like this here.