Lump in-between vagina opening after a cervical biopsy

Hello everyone, I hope someone here is able to help me, long story short I’ve been having bowel problems since last May 2022 had loads of scans recent one found cysts on my ovaries kidneys spleen womb but they said it was normal they’re not worried about any of that but since last year I’ve not been able to walk properly due to severe pain that is on my left side and goes all around my back so bad that I can barely move so I recently had a cervical biopsy as I have HPV and had abnormal cells not had my results back yet but cervical biopsy was over a month ago and a week after it I ended up with like a ball type thing at opening of the vagina I’m constantly pushing down like my muscles just won’t and can’t relax down there at all which makes it really uncomfortable. My GP has said she thinks it’s a rectum prolapse and has sent me to hospital and appointments with gynecologists who has all said different things one said a cyst one said excess skin one said nothing to worry about but my Dr is hesitant it’s a prolapse so I’m awaiting another gynecologist appointment so I’m just wondering if this has happened to anyone else after a cervical biopsy?

I’m also currently awaiting a colonoscopy to check my bowels that’s next Wednesday.

Thankyou for any help it’s much appreciated.