Lump after laparoscopic surgery


I'm hoping someone can put my mind at ease. I had lymph nodes removed laparoscopically almost two weeks ago. All the incisions are healing well but the one above my pubic bone feels a bit uncomfortable when I walk and also there is a hard lump under it. I have my follow up on Thursday anyway so trying to wait until then. Can anyone shed light on this? Is it scar tissue, will it clear up on it's own?

Hello Michelle,

I too had lymph node removal laparoscopically and I too had the lump and still have a smaller lump 9 months later. It worried me too at the time. If you have a nurse oncologist you can call on, I'm sure she wil reassure you. There were five incisions but the one on my lower right hand side is the one that gave me problems.

The lymph nodes at the top of my thighs seemed to become irritable as a result of losing 12 throughout my pelvis. They sometimes swell and give sharp pains as a result of excercise. This has eased some over the 9 months. Check if in doubt but I would say it is just the scarring/healing.

Good luck and keep me posted how you get on.

Big hug,

Julie x

Hi jools5050,


Thank you for your reply. Sorry to hear you have had some issues.

You are totally correct re scaring/healing. I went for my follow up appointment today. The surgeon explained the incision in my pubic area was the biggest one but all highest risk for heria so they overlapped the tissue when they closed it up. So the lump/ridge is just the healing process. He is pretty happy with me for 2 weeks post op and the nodes were clear which is a relief.

Best Wishes



Hi Michelle,

That's good news you've had the lump confirmed as scarring by your doctor. There are so many little niggles that are nothing but a result of the various treatments and luckily there are plenty of people on Jo's site for advice and support. Like I said, i can still feel the main entry point of the Laprascopy insert 9 months on.

I also had serious lymph node involvment and it meant a lot more radical treatment to get rid of the disease. Today I received an all clear following a CT scan so nearly reached a year with no recurrance. Celebrating tonight!

Glad we can both now relax a little.

Cheers and take care,


Hi Julie, 

That's fantastic news,  a great reason to celebrate :-)

Best wishes


Congratulations both of you :-) Long may it continue!



Thank you Tivoli xx