LSIL result - can someone please explain

Hello everyone


I had a cervical screen in Jan 2018 the results showed a LSIL hpv positive (not 16 or 8) and repeat test in one year. I am about it have my second test next week and am very scared.


Can someone help me to understand the results ?  I have read many posts of people saying this is not cancer but can turn into cancer? I have also seen many posts of people having LSIL and then having another screen and finding it was cancer... how does this work as I thought it took many years for these cells to turn into cancer? I am just  bit confused 



LSIL or CIN1 are very mild changes to the cervical cells, mostly caused by HPV 16 or 18. It’s highly unlikely for it to have progressed into CC (cervical cancer) within a year, as it is slow progressing and needs to go through several stages (you’re at the first stage) before it may reach that far, taking 10-15 years. Furthermore, not all women whom are diagnosed with LSIL will progress, with 95% will revert to normal (-1% will progress to CC). So it is rare. 

Try not to frighten yourself by reading too much online, as everyone‘s experience is different and may have other issues or circumstances different to you.


LSIL is very low grade cells...If they just had you come back in a year to re-look, they are probably not concerned because those LSIL abnormal cells could disappear on their own...So instead of getting the 3 year come back like you are suppose to, they want you to come back yearly to monitor them thats all... some of them it is every 6 months to see if they disappear on their own depending on what type of HPV it is I guess...It takes 10-15 years for LSIL abnormal cells to turn into cancer and with you not having the HPV 16 or 18 it is probably not the HPV that will turn  into cancer. .I did research on it as well, and majority of HPV don't turn into cancer but  the 16 or 18 types do.