lower back pain and in hip

Hi, please can someone help me. I had a test which came back with mild dyskorisis in January - retest in July - but for the past three weeks I have had reaaly bad lower back pain and also in my hip. Does this mean I could have cervical cancer? I am very panicked - suffer from anxiety disorder too. 

Someone please help? Also my periods are a bit heavier than normal but no spotting or anything and I had some doscomfort during sex once or twice where it felt like my cervix was sore. Do yoy think I could have it - based on the sore back and mild dyskorisis result in January? 

Hi there, there could be a hundred reasons for the symptoms you describe so it would be impossible to say what was causing them. We all understand the worry and fear that an abnormal result brings, that is normal! Its also quite normal to start to pick up on every niggle and think the worst when we are fearful for our health, the mind is a poweful thing and can even invent crazy symptoms sometimes too. did you have any further investigations after your results in Jan? If you are worried though I would have a chat with your doctor and see if they can put your mind at rest, in the meantime we are all here for you.

Hi Niki,

Thank you so much for your reply - it gave me a boost that I reallly need right now. I asked the doc about my back and he said that he thinks it's muscular. I haven't been for a repeat smear yet - that's end June/beg. July and I am very nervous. I really appreciate you replying to me because I am sure that you have many things on your mind as well and I am very grateful. I have been put on meds for the anxiety but they are taking forever and a day to work. I am calming down somewhat but as soon as I feel a new symptom or think of the upcoming smear I get all panicked again. 

Hi Linds,

hope you are ok - you have already been given some really great advice and I cant really add to that. Just wanted to wish you well and say that we are here if you need to chat etc



Thanks Andrea - do you think I will be ok? That the smear (the next one) may come back normal? I really appreciate your response because it really helps a lot with the gnawing anxiety that I live with day to day about everything! 

Hi linds,
Noone can say but if you do get bad news then you will be looked after really well. Noone wants to go through this. My nightmare has started in october and I got the all clear in April. Obviously wish this had never happened but with the right support you can come through. Keep us informed wont you xxx