lower back and hip pain plus problems with bowel

Hi everyone.

I finished my radiotherapy 6 months ago. About 3 months after I started to get either very constipated or have really bad diahorrea. The docs prescribed  me normacol and peppermint. This worked for a while but as soon as I stop the normacol I go from on extreme to the other. I also have really bad pains and a burning sensation in my bowel. I am not having any bleeding but sometimes there  is a discharge when I am constipated. When I do manage to have a bowel movement it is very thin and long (sorry if tmi

I am also having really bad back and hip pain. I wondered if the lower back pain  was because of my bowels.  Does anyone else have pains in their hips after radiotherapy as my doc didn't seem convinced  that radiotherapy could cause that.

Thank you

Hi there

I finished my radio 4 months ago and have experienced some of the same problems.   

Initially my bowel movements were as you described.......tbh I would say they have moved sllghtly towards what they were pre treatment, but seem to of found their new normal.  Sometimes they misbehave, but generally things are reasonably settled.....

I suffered with incredibly painful hips about 6 weeks after treatment, and when I saw the consultant he said it was common due to the radio treatment.   He recommended gentle excercise, walking, and gradually increase the distance..... also cod liver oil.   The hips are now ok, but I have problems with my knees (thought to be chemo related) so im now working in them to improve the strength.

Take care and persist with your dr

Thank you. It's nice to  know I'm not going crazy and there are other people with the same problems. I say a physio today and he said my hips were very tight so to check with the dr

No worries...... 'tight hips' would be a good way to describe how mine felt.  They were ok once I was moving,  but getting them moving was really painful.   I have always enjoyed sport and initially when I thought it would always be there it did upset me.  But luckily,  walking everywhere has gradually worked its majic and now they are ok..... 

I find it hard to understand what is normal,  and without the ladies on here I think I would be a wreck !

Good luck with the drs


I finished my treatment in May and I'm now getting quite bad back/hip pain. My cns told me it's common in slim women. I have oramorph at night to help me sleep which isn't ideal as it makes me constipated and a bit tired during the day! 

The previous post concerning exercise sounds a good idea, I'm already taking omega 3 oil as it's good for inflammation.

Mandy xx

Hello freyapearl.  

I just came across your post today and it caught my interest because I have been having hip pain for about 2 weeks now.  It hurts when I walk but also when I'm sitting/standing/lying down.  I also have some bowel & bladder problems but I have become used to them now..  It was probably good timing that I started having the hip pain as I had a routine appointment with the Oncologist today and was able to discuss it with her.   She said that radiotheapy  can cause little cracks in the pelvis and sent me for X-ray there & then.    It'll be about 2 weeks before I get  the results of that.

As for your doctor not being convinced about radiotherapy being the cause of your pain - it just shows how 'out of touch' GP's are with the after effects of cancer treatments.  I would say that my GP is similar, in that he doesn't seem to relate any of my symptoms to  after effects of the treatments I've had???  Why ever not???

On the discharge from your bowels, I have had this on occasion and the Oncologist didn't seem too concerned about it, I got the impression that it is fairly normal however she did stress that if there was any blood in it to contact them to have it checked out.

Hope this helps




Well i am very glad i have read these comments as i am also suffering with bad back ache and leg ache  . I finished treatment almost three weeks ago i have had radio chemo and brachy and although very tired and constipated i am not doing too bad ...well untill the last few days the pain starts in hip and goes down the leg and now also back ache when i sit or walk . 

if i get moving a bit it seems to go off but is very annoying i am quite large and have put on weight due to steroids which trust me was the last thing i needed i used to love to walk every morning for about 4 to 6 k but now do not know if this is good or bad . I am off to see the oncologist on the 14 th to get the end results and to see if all of this has worked . I never know if any of this is normal or not . Its great to be able to talk to people in the same boat . I also have terrible trouble sleeping although i am totally exhausted all the time i get up around 6 times in the night to pee which is very annoying and i have lost any kind of bladder control if i need to go then I NEED TO GO lol hope some of you can let me know if you have been feeling the same as i sometimes think im going mad xx cheers and have a great day 

Hi Disey,

Just a quick line to say.Everything you say is normal and most including me

have had all those symptoms,but they do get easier.

Yes its best to move around but,do 20mins then rest for 20mins,build up slowly.

Drink loads of water,it actually helps the bladder control,and everything else.

Have a look on Macmillan website about fatigue,that should help you.

Its very hard time post treatment,but you will get there.I know what you mean

about the weight gain,its the last thing you think about when you get cancer!!

I have put on 2stone and feel huge,but I am around to loose it and get fit again.

Take care

Becky x