Low grade

Hi i am after some advice to hopefully put my mind at ease. I had my results for my smear back yesterday saying i abnormal cells low grade and have told to have a colposcopy. My letter says if i havent heard anything in 1 week to make a appointment is this good news in a way coz it is really as urgent in getting it done?

I have also been reading online and people have servere grade but mine is low so i am hoping this is also a good sign.

I am terrified this may be serious and cant stop thinking about it. 

If anyone has had any experience in the low grade i would be extremely grateful for your comments



I am new to this site and thought you might like a little message, from a little experience. Of the ’ if you haven’t heard … Etc etc’

Never just wait, always be persisitant with dates and results, there are unforturnatley alot woman who are in similar positions and I don’t suppose royal mail get it right everytime( personal experience with awaiting dates) the receptionist should be very helpful and will understand your worries and anxieties. Please please don’t just leave it, get on that phone monday and start asking when, and don’t stop until you get a date.

Xxxxx take care x

Hi thanks for your comment, i will ne making a appointment monday i am 2 scared to leave it. Did u have low grade? It says in the letter it is not cancer but that os all i can think sbout :-( xxx


mine was cin2, think that middle one? had loop 3april now waiting the results from that…( very scared) I just have a horrible feeling about myself, probably
Normal when faced with this situation? But there is nothing worse than awaiting a letter for a date( my doc didn’t send me a copy of mine so that’s reason for my comment to you)
it’s a really worrying time isn’t it, the not knowing, you think the worse all the time, I hope that’s normal coz that’s all my brain seems to do

Hope you get a quick app tomorrow, let me know what they say, and remember be persistent xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi ladies,

I am with Small_lady about being persistent. I've got 3 abnormal smears results showing borderline changes out of 4 (abnormal, normal and then 2 abnormal). I moved from lincolnshire to nottinghamshire recently and the nhs recorded on their system that the last smear was normal. I went several times to my GP trying to clarified the error and finally they confirmed the info on the system was wrong. So, I'm going for colposcopy. When are you going, Cgore? Mine is due on April 17th, less than two weeks. The waiting time is the worst, I'm also terrified with the "What ifs...", but I try to get myself busy and convince myself that borderline changes is the lower grade, so I should be more positive.

Try to stay positive and don't worry too much until we really know what are we dealing with (easy to say, I know)

Let me know how your colposcopy is going. Good luck and hugs.

Mary, xxxx

Hi Mary, I spoke to the hospital today and they said the nurse was looking at my file and i would get a phone call before Wednesday.

Have you been through this before? I have evidence of HPV and i think that is why i am going for colposcopy because my mate has mild grade and no evidence and she doesnt have to go for 1? 

Low grade and borderline is the lowest grade isnt it? I went to work today and it actually helped take my mind off it, i have been crying all weekend thinking of the worst case. 

Hope you are ok xxxx

Hi all,
Cgore, work is a good idea, being with the norm does dilute the feeling slightly, and keeps your mind else where even for a min. Let me know if you get any call by wednesday… If not… You know what to do! Keep them on Thier toes girly!!! Xxxx

Hi Mary!
I hope you are ok, you sound like a strong person and in glad you stayed persistent, I hope your appointment goes good for, let me know, xxxx

Always here to you both xxxx

Hi girls,

Cgore, it's good to know that work helped to distract you ;) My nightmare started in May/June 2011 when I found tiny vaginal warts. It took a few months to get rid of them. At the same time I got my first abnormal smear showing borderline, so I've been in this situation now nearly 2 years, having smears every 6 months. I've got borderline, then normal and then two consecutive borderline more. I did not get the HPV test because that depends of the area where you live, but because of the warts, I know for sure I got HPV infection at that time. Maybe my body hasn't got rid of the bloody virus and that is why my smears keeps coming back as abnormal. About the colposcopy, put it this way: the smear is not 100% accurate, so what do you prefer, wait and live with the "what ifs" for another smear in 6 months time like your mate  or go for a colposcopy where a specialist can finally get to the root of the problem?? I know that the unknown is scary, but I can't wait to get there next week and find out what I've been wondering for this last two years ;) Have you got any phonecall yet? Cheer up, we're stronger than this!! xxxx

Small_lady, thanks for your reply and your hope. I'll definately come back here to write whatever I get told next Wednesday, hopefully good news. Look forward to hearing that you get good results and you keep us positive ;) xxxx

Hi small lady n mary i spoke to hospital today and they said my appointmemt is 8th May, i sm not urgent and it is just a routine check up. So i hope this means i am fine. I hope you to are both ok? Xxx

You both are amazing people, just remember our inner strengths we have, that’s so important. Cgore and mary thank you for your comforting words, let’s keep each other up to date with feelings and results, always here xxx