Low grade squamous, No HPV after Hysterectomy & Radiation treatment

Hello ladies, I’m on here again after being diagnosed in 2021 with 1b1 cc and having a hysterectomy in 2022, with positive for lymph vascular invasion. So completed 6 weeks of radiation April 2022. And had major side affects and still till this day with bladder issues and bowels are getting better so it’s a plus! Going through the early menopause ( the best part/ haha) and now having issues with my thyroid levels being abnormal but won’t see a specialist till June 26! So until then…Trying to survive lol! I’ve been going for my every 3 month follow ups and the last 2 Paps after my hysterectomy and treatment, I’ve came across low grade lesion with No HPV…I’ve been called for a colposcopy….I now forgot about ny thyroid and hormone issues and back stressing about my abnormal smear! ANYONE HAD SIMILAR SITUATION?!