Low grade HPV to high grade


I don’t know if anyone can help, however I went for my first Smeere test when I turned 25, come back with low grade HPV got told these cells would more or likley clear within 12 months, went for my follow up Smeere 2 months ago had biopsy taken on both… got told my results would be back in 5/7 days… I have now been waiting for answers for 8 weeks, had a call of the hosp stating I would get a call of the doctor that day or the next It’s now been 5 days and I still haven’t heard anything or had no update, no letter has been recived, u rang my doctors to be told I have gone from low grade to high but she couldn’t give any further information out again I’d have to wait for the consultant… I’m not getting any answers as to what my actual results are how serious or how minor this is. Has anyone been through this before because I’m anxiously waiting for someone to ring and the wait seems like forever. From what I have ready they should have been in touch within 2 weeks to discuss treatment! Obviously with it being 8 weeks I’m worrying things may get worse! Has anyone had similar, low grade to high within 12 months if so whag was the treatment plan going forward so I just have a little more knowledge and know what to expect the outcome to be… can any treatments effect fertility? That’s the last thing on my mind right now as I have a little boy and have my health and him to concentrate on but it’s alot of questions what go round in your head and getting no answers from anyone doesn’t make it any easier. I have tried to ring the complaints team at the hospital to try and speed things up with my results and again hesrd nothing, I honestly don’t know what my next steps can be and who more I can go to to try and push these results!

I’d appriciate any a dive Thankyou

I had the HPV for 3 consecutive smears, without any abnormal cells. A colposcopy (around 3/4 weeks later) was arrange and I had a CIN3 after a biopsy was taken. I was seen again and they preformed LLETZ and I received a letter with confirmation they believed they had removed all cells.
6 months on they arranged for a smear - HPV but no abnormal cells. A colposcopy was arranged again and I had to have a biopsy with what the dr believed to be a CIN1 and I’m awaiting results from this.
My dr said if I hadn’t heard anything within 4 weeks to ensure to call the colposcopy team for a follow up. I have read of some results taking up to 8 weeks to receive the letters. However if it is causing you panic (and understandably so!) and you’re not receiving any info from the hospital id try to get a GP appointment then ask them if they can contact the hospital/consult you on what’s happening. (Sorry I know I’ve not been much help!)
In regards to any treatment I know when the dr spoke to me that LLETZ can sometimes cause early labour, if you are wanting more children in the future though they may be other treatments they can offer.
Hope you’re feeling better soon and I’m hoping your results turn up soon xx