low grade, hpv positive and colopscopy

Hi, I'm 32 and received a low grade abnormal smear plus tested positive for HPV. I was referred for a colopscopy and had a long three week wait. I was extremely anxious. My GP and nurse were both quite reassuring but I kept on looking on the Internet and scaring myself. I know I shouldn't but it was difficult. I thought I had various cc symptoms so felt even more worried. Anyway, off I went to my colopscopy today and wanted to offer some reassurance for anyone who is nervous. I did feel a bit scared waiting. There was only one other woman in waiting room and noticeboard said 1-2 percent of women aged 25-35 have abnormal smears. I thought oh dear trust me to be in such a minority. This differed from the information provided by the nhs where one leaflet said one in 10 and another one In 20. Lots of information about smoking and HPV. I'm a smoker so I need to stop to try and clear the virus. So, once In the room spoke quickly to the lady who was performing the test and there were two other ladies present. They were all very nice. Now, the test to me was quite painful/ uncomfortable but nothing unbearable and wasn't very long anyway. I couldn't see what see was doing but she said looks like low grade like smear said. She said she'd do a biopsy and asked me to cough. I didn't feel a thing! She said the area was very small and biopsy had removed all or most of it! Seemed good news and she said I wouldn't need treatment. Afterwards she told me I'd wait four to six weeks for the results and explained what would happen then but to be honest I didn't take it in properly. So, It wasn't bad at all but I'm glad it's over. Fingers crossed for my biopsy results. I will try and not think about them. oh on another note, I didn't take a panty liner or anything and they didn't offer me one and I have been bleeding after but no pain. Make sure you take one with you in case. So that's my story so far.

Hi, I am really pleased your experience went as well as expected. I too would deffo take a panty liner - I took a massive sanitary towel that wouldn't even fit in my pants, I then proceeded to bend over to pay for paking and collect my ticket from machine after procedure.  Big mistake when there is a massive queue, everyone saw under mt skirt, soooo be careful what you wear also!!! Xxx

its not like we don't have enough to worry about xxx

Thank you! Oh no, how embarrassing....I had to go on the bus with no panty liner or pad eek! No the bleeding was very light really.