Low grade fever 5weeks post radical hysterectomy

Hi ladies,

i typed a lot just now but don’t know why it got selected. So I’m just gonna make this short...

i was diagnosed with cc 1b1 in late July and was offered a radical hysterectomy in Aug. I was recovered quite well from the surgery however since this week, I experece lower back pain and body aches, so I tested my temperature, it was at 37.7’c (99.86f). Took paracetamol  the day after, the temperature went down to 37.2 to 37.4(99.32). Stopped taking meds today and went to see my gyn, she was not so concerned about it. She mentioned If there is no other symptons then it should be fine. But I’m worried sick! I got back just now check my temperature again, it was 37.5‘c(99.5f) again.


Does anyone had the same low grade feve even 5weeks post op? Could it be a sign of recurrence? I had no lymph nodes involvement thus othan the surgery, no further treatment was required.

Just now I also found out there is a small bruise in my hand without knowing. im worry sick now :(( please could anyone share anything with me?


Thank you ladies so much!


love xx Bel