Low grade dyskaryosis and hpv+

Hi, i don't usually write on things like this but I thought i would give it a go as I have nobody to talk to about this as I feel very ashamed. 

Im 28 and went for my second smear test 2 weeks ago. My first one at 25 came back clear. I received a letter today saying I had low grade dyskaryosis and I had tested positive for hpv. I'm waiting for a appointment for a colposcopy, i was ever so shocked and upset I started to google. 

The thing that I can't understand is i have been with my partner for five years. He in the army and has spent a considerable amount of time over sea the last two years. It's making me start to doubt he has been unfaithful to me, although I have read it can lay dormant for a number of years in your system. I know in my heart he would never do that to me but I'm so unsure how I could be clear three years ago and now I have the virus.

im worried now that my body won't get rid of hpv virus and i havent got and children yet but definitely want some in the future, can I still conceive if I have this virus. 

Mnay thanks for anyone who could reply 

Laura x


It is normal to have lots of different worries running through your head after getting an abnormal result. I want to assure you that this virus is extremely common, as I'm sure you've read if you've been poking around on google. Almost every person who has had sex will have this virus at some point in their lives. When the virus is active it will cause low-grade abnormalities, like what was picked up on your smear test. These typically go away on their own just fine especially at your age. 

I personally had only ever had two sexual partners, and the most recent one I've been with for four years. Again, like you, I had normal results until recently. My partner is most definitely faithful, live together, no secrets there. Please try your best, though I know its hard, not to suspect your partner of anything. HPV is a strange virus that can hang out with you for a while, a short period of time, or come and go. There is still a lot of research needed in this field, they are not sure the exact specifics of how it all works. 

I know its easier said than done, but try not to worry. You can most definitely conceive! The virus will likely leave your system and/or not cause any long term issues. The best thing you can do for your body is not to stress. Give yourself a couple 'me days' and you'll feel better very soon.


I had one smear test that came back abnormal with HPV about 9 years ago now. I was very scared at the time but I just went for a follow up 6 months after and the HPV was no longer present. Sometimes it just leaves your body naturally and some times it hangs around. When I saw the letter and the words abnormal staring back at me I was really worried I had cancer but this was not the case. I know it's hard not to worry but hopefully it will clear up before your next test and you will be fine. It does not affect your fertiliity in any way. Good luck with the colposcopy, im sure it's just a check up and to make sure that there are no other problems for you

Heya just to put your mind at ease a little bit with HPV..

i was watching a YouTube video and the lady on there said hpv is a virus that is passed through sexually but is not a sti. It is more like flu for the vagina 

:) xx

Vagina Flu! lol. Well that's an easier way of looking at it!! (no pun intended) Usually HPV goes away after a short time and it may not affect you ever again. It's just one of those little nuisances of life but im sure that you will be fine Lauramae77 :)

Just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your replies. I have my appointment finally on Wednesday and i feeling much better about the whole thing. 

Hi I had a smear in Feb and came back hpv and had a colopscopy and showed high cin111  then had lletz done, I've been with my partner for over 10 years and my last smear was fine so it's been in my system for years, my partner is faithful so please don't think it's cos of that, I know the feeling i like you was very upset and disgusted with myself  but then I just wanted it removed, Ive a check up again in 6 months for the hpv DNA to see did the lletz remove it, most of the time it can  fingers crossed