Low grade dyskaryosis and HPV - very worried

Hi ladies, 


I’m hoping to find some reassurance/idea of what to expect here. 


I’m 24 and have had a bit of a crazy year health-wise. 


Last year I had injectable fertility treatment as I have PCOS and small patches of endo. However my ex-partner and I soon after separated.


I lost a lot of weight to get my BMI down to 29 to have treatment. I run a lot and have never been fitter.


This summer I spent 2 weeks in hospital with 

Glandular Fever which my liver, my spleen and I were very very ill with. 


I’m still partially recovering but over the last few months have been hit with HSV1 genitally (apparently could’ve had it all my life but now my immune system is low it’s showing), recurrent thrush, haemorrhoids and a few other inconveniences. I was previously fully heathy before the GF. 


I had my smear last week and I’m just recovering from a 4th bout of thrush and decided I was mentally and physically on the road back to normality (positive thinking and all that). That same day I had a letter through the door saying my smear showed low grade dyskaryosis PLUS I have a HPV infection and they need to see me for a colposcopy within 2 weeks. Between this and the HSV1 alongside everything else, I just feel so dirty. I’ve only had 2 sexual partners in my whole life and both were in long term relationships. 


I rang my doctor who was lovely and reassuring and I decided not panic-Google. However as the day is going on, I can feel myself panicking more and more in work. 


My auntie had cervical cancer and my Mum had a hysterectomy due to abnormal cells a few years back. 


Little things are creeping into my head. Like the last 10-12 months I’ve been known as an OAP to my friends and family because I have to wee so much. I’m up twice a night sometimes. I also get quite a tender pelvis certain times of the month.  My mind is in over drive a little. 


I was wondering if there was anyone else out there in a similar situation? 


Thank you in advance 




Hi, You’ve certainly had a bit to deal with recently. You did the right thing by contacting your doctor, rather than refer to Dr Google. I hope what I write will allay some anxiety. 

Low grade (CIN1) are very mild changes and you have a high chance of it reverting to normal (95%). Precancerous cells are very slow growing, taking about 10-15 years if it were to progress and must go through several stages first.

Please don’t feel dirty. HPV isn’t the same as other stds (my gynoncologist told me it wasn’t a std!). Firstly, most of the sexual active population (70-80%) has had the virus at some point in their life, most of whom without knowing it. About 95% of people’s immunity will clear it without treatment for precancerous cells within 2 years. Once you’ve cleared it, then you’re immune to that strain. So unless it’s a different strain, you won‘t become reinfected back and forth with partners. Secondly, it’s possible to be vaccinated against 9 of the HR (high risk) and LR (low risk) strains. Thirdly, you’re at no further risk of having precancerous cells and CC (cervical cancer) with a family history of it.

Good luck with your upcoming colposcopy; they are really good at the hospital. All the best. x