Low grade dyskaryosis and HPV positive

Hi everybody


First time posting, and just want to say thanks to this site for easing my fears - sort of.

I know I am probably worrying over nothing, and I'm hoping once I have written it down and read it back it will put my mind even more at ease.

I am 43 and have had the above result from my smear test. Things have been a bit of a mess for me recently, and I've recently returned to work after four months off sick with depression and IBS. Since being back at work (mid Feb) I have had to reduce my hours from 37 to 16 due to extreme tiredness. All blood results have returned normal and my GP is now testing me for sleep apnoea.

I have been using the Mirena coil since my last child 16 years ago and have not had a period in pretty much all of that time. The day I received my smear invite I started bleeding (not much but obviously worried me a bit after not having a period for so long) I then worked out it was probably about time the coil was changed.

When I contacted my GP she said she would check my notes (was at another surgery at the time) to check the date. When she called back she said my last coil change was 10 years ago Surprised. My notes indicated that I should have had it changed at around the time of my last smear, but due to an infection I was given very strong antibiotics for 10 days and she didn't change my coil?   

Anyway, coil changed when smear done and when I got the abnormal result my first thought was this was the reason for my tiredness and I wasn't worried about it. However, when I asked my GP last week if this could be the reason, she didn't answer but asked if I had received my appointment for colposcopy. I told her yes and when I asked if I should be worried she said 'lets wait and see what the colposcopy show' - As the colposcopy is due 1st week in May I was worried even less as I'm sure it would have been sooner if there was a problem?

She then said that she would write me a certificate for work if I needed it. I am now paranoid that she avoided answering as something is wrong - aarrggghhh 

Since seeing her last week my IBS had started again, I have had spotting again and am now worried that something is wrong and I haven't been able to go to work as I keep bursting into tears - my boss has been great but after so much time off already that's stressing me out even more.

Finding this site has helped and I'm going to try and go back to work tomorrow to try and take my mind off things, but I can't help worrying 

Thanks for listening

Hi there,

Just wanted to say, I know how worrisome a time this is as I am awaiting colposcopy as well! But, and I mean this in the nicest possible way as I have been doing it as well, I think you are reading into the protocol of the referral process a bit too much and as you say, being a bit paranoid about your GP. I have not spoken with my GP as I'd rather question the colposcopist to the Nth degree - if I try to find out any more in advance I will have a meltdown.

Anyway, our brains are really rather good at constructing all sorts of outcomes and symptoms;  for example,  today I am suffering from leg pain (in the calf) and I have had to remind myself about a million times that this is very probably not anything sinister and very probably something to do with the 5 mile hilly walk I did on Sunday in Birkenstocks! 

But chin up. It might be nothing or something, and if it is something it's good to know it'll be kept on top of. You will be fine I'm sure :)