Low grade CIN1 dyskaryosis - children mentioned

Hi all, I had my smear last week (Thursday 17th) today (sat 26th) I've had a letter saying I've low grade dyskaryosis NO HPV 

can someone tell me what this means please as I'm worried sick as there is cancer in my family :(

aunty had Breast cancer (remission) and my uncel had myeloma (sadly passed away)

im a single mum 29 with 2 young children xxx


I'm no expert by any means but I do know that HPV is responsible for over 99% of all cervical cancers, so the fact you do not have HPV is very reassuring. That being said (for anybody reading this) if you did have HPV or ever acquire it in the future, the chances are you would be absolutely fine, as long as you always go to your smear appointments! Your results have detected some changes to the cells but they will more than likely go back to normal on their own. I don't know if you will be referred now or just monitored but either way, I honestly wouldn't worry! 


Hi there,
With CIN1 they very rarely treat it seeing as your immune system can fight it and the cells will return to normal, they will just ask you to return for yearly checkups most likely with your GP, i know its difficult knowing in the back of your mind something isnt quite right and googling is the worst thing you can do as every link mentions cc! Atleast now you have been diagnosed and your on record and nothing will slip through their fingers, your in the best possible hands.

Take care xx