Low grade changes + hpv now spotting very worried

I had a smear test about 4 weeks ago received results which showed low grade changes + hpv which I obviously very upset about not even being sexually active for about 3 years clearly my body has not fought against it (hpv), I'm 27 and was very late for a smear I've received a letter to go for a colonoscopy( sorry probably spelt wrong) which is next wednesday since I've had the smear not straight after maybe past two weeks ive had constant lower back pain and now I am spotting it can't be my normal period as that was two weeks ago I'm really working myself up , I never ever had spotting in between periods before and now I'm worried something is seriously wrong, has anyone else had low grade changes plus hpv and spotting that didn't turn out to be bad news I feel sick with worry


I can't provide much help on this as I am in an almost identical situation.  I'm also 27 and had my first smear test a few weeks ago.  I had my results last week and they were the same as yours, low grade abnormalities and HPV.  I'm also frustrated about the HPV because I have always used condoms as I don't react well to the pill / injection.

What I can tell you is that I know people pur age who had exactly the same results and had a colposcopy and everything turned out fine.  One of these had to have a Lletz but apart from discomfort after this for quite a while everything turned out fine.

As for the sudden spotting I think this can be an occasional effect of the smear test itself and as you have never had this symptom before that could possibly be all it is?  Can not confirm that though as this is from vague memory of reading up on smears before mine.

Hope the colposcopy went ok, haven't had mine yet so not sure what to expect.



Hi Laura thanks for replying! I had my colosocopy exam on wendnesday and they said there was a small area with changes and took a punch biopsy. The spotting has stopped and haven't had any pain from the biopsy luckily fingers crossed for the results in 4-6 weeks. the whole experience was over and done with within 20mins it was like having another smear test doctor was very understanding am&s made sure I was comfortable etc. hope yours goes well!