Low grade changes again but this time no HPV

Hi all,

I received a lot if support and advice on here last year after a smear which revealed borderline changes and positive for high risk HPV. The subsequent colposcopy was fine and no treatment needed. 

It's now a year later and my most recent smear showed mild dyskariosis but this time no HPV. According to the letter, no colposcopy is needed this time and I have been put back on 3 yearly smears. 

Obviously, I'm pleased that the HPV isn't detectable but am worried on two counts:

1. Does the wording of the changes - from borderline to low grade - mean the changes have got worse? 

2. Three years seems such a long time to wait to check all is still well when there are obviously changes going on.   

Does anyone have any advice?

many thanks. 

Hiya, no boarderline and low grade are the same thing, They are basically saying you are at a low risk of your cervix getting any worse. If they have put you back onto the list for every three years I would take this as a positive thing but if you have any changes in your periods in the meantime I would go back and speak to your doctor