Low grade cgin and cin 1 check up after lletz

Hi ladies, I had treatment for low grade cgin and cin 1 in November last year. Coming up to my 6 month check. Was going to be a smear but because I have severe anxiety the consultant agreed to do a colposcopy. I very nervous about having the check up and I’ve heard that with cgin there’s a high chance of reoccurance. It’s this mainly for high grade cgin? No ne I speak to knows much about cgin. It’s worries me as my consultant wasnt even going to treat at first as he said it was all low grade, but he said because of my anxiety he would treat so I wasn’t worrying about it still being there. Any one had experience with low grade cgin?? I know that cin 1 can regress naturally and sometimes doesn’t need treatment. Is low grade cgin the same?? I’m worried that even though I’ve had lletz, I will go back next month and there will be nasty cells again.

Hi Tillyrose,


i was recently treated for abnormal cells and they found it to be high grade cgin, I'm due to go back in 6 months for a smear as they were happy that the cells were removed.


i believe the recurrence rate for glandular changes (there's been no distinction made between recurrence of high or low, just changes) is up to 15% chance.  I know this from the nhs leaflet I was given and today I saw a private consultant who actually turned out to be the lady who wrote the leaflet and she is one of leading experts in her field.  So she's happy that there is an 85% chance that changes will not come back.


i hope that this puts your mind at rest a little, whilst 15% (up to) isn't as low as we'd would like, it is not half bad!!  


Please keep posting and let me know how you get on



Hi Tillyrose, 

I've answered this on the other thread that you were on, but just wanted to reiterate it here and really just repeat what Roxy's said! Also I want to mention that even though 15% sounds like a bit more of a risk than we'd like, in scientific terms, 15% chance of recurrence is really very low - much lower than it sounds to us (I know that probably sounds like it doesn't make sense, but without going into detail about how scientific risk is broken down, I can't really explain it any better than that). The overwhelming likelihood is that's the last you'll see of it. 

Love, Annabel.