Low grade cervical lesions?

Ok so I am kind of freaking out a little bit. Mostly because it is a waiting game and I have not been given all the information. (I am 26 years old).

February 2018: i went in for my regular pap smear. I was told i had abnomal results but that i shouldn't worry as it mostly goes away on its own. Try to tell any concerning patient not to worry ..of course they'll worry. They were just announced they have abnormal results.

August 2018: 2nd abnormal pap smear.  Getting worried

September 2018: Sent to the Gynecologist for a Colposcopy. Not much was seen ..good news right?

February 2019: 3rd abnormal pap smear and discovered low grade cervical lesions. But this time I am really getting worried .

I Was not tested for HPV and my Dr. Has not given me all the information regarding my results. I had to google what it meant and we all know what Mr. google does... Tell's you the worst, so I am stressing really bad about this as I have a few months left to wait and see what my other pap smear sais. A few months of waiting and going nuts. They told me if they find high grade lesions they will be sending me back to the gynecologist. 

Everytime I go to tell my Dr. about my symptoms he brushes them off and doesnt listen.

I am spotting quite often. I cannot have intercourse anymore as I am in too much pain and always bleeding. I have major cramps, my lower back is killing me, i have zero energy and the back of my thighs are really sore. Like I over stretched ..except i didnt.

Oh and my colleagues found me passed out on the floor at work. Which happened to be a day i was cramping really bad and was spotting heavier ..not too heavy to be a period but enough to stain my underwear. And I am very regular. I start my period on the exact date. So I know it is not my period. I am on the pill and have been for the past 3 years.

When i got registered all they tested was blood and urine they obviously didnt find anything.

I see other posts on here about their results being Low grade CN I,II,III. I have no further information on my results other than having low grade cervical cells. Therefore im lost for words as to what it can be. 

Am i freaking out for nothing? 


I know the worry well. I had CIN3 cells removed at 21. For the following 4 years I’ve had biopsies taken yearly as I have CIN1 cell changes. 

CIN1 is usually what they would class as low grade. Have they taken a biopsy to confirm this for you? 

With the regards to pain ect I would really urge my gp to look into this. I sometimes have lower back pain and a little pain during intercourse too. But obviously everyone is different.

5 years on nearly since my laser at 21 and I still worry. But please try not to going for these appointments and keeping on top of it is the best thing you can do! 

Sorry if I’ve been no help x