Low Cervix and pcb

Hi, i had a routine smear yesterday. I told the nurse i had some tiny bleeding after sex.

I noticed blood on the smear brush, nurse said this was normal (?)

Nurse said i had a low cervix that could be the cause of the PCB (?)

I am 42, have always had regular smears. 1 borderline abnormal 2001 all others were normal. Have Mirena for about 3 years.

Worried hpv+ may be the cause as I’ve been really run down for at least 12 months.

Please advise.

Hi yes it is common to bleed during or after a smear is carried out, some cervix are more sensitive than others. I don't personally have the mirena, but when i enquired about it, i was told that it can cause spotting. Based on my history of spotting and bleeding i didn't want to risk it and go in to blind panic with more bleeding issues. The fact you have had clear smears in recent years is good and i wish you all the best for your results x