lost results?

I went for my smear at the end of June and it came back low grade changes and HPV positive and they refererred me for a colposcopy.
I went and she took a biospy and said she would write to me.
It’s now been 8 weeks, i was slightly worried but assumed everything must be fine and i must be low down to getting results out or something.
However, i got a worried call off my doctor yesterday as she didnt even know i had been to the colposcopy and was concerned, and wanted me to make an appointment immediately with her so she coukd do it. When i told her i had been 8 weeks ago she was really confused!
Have they lost all my data?
Has this happened to anyone else?
Im getting worried now as i thought the wait was because everything was fine!
Sorry for the essay, I’m just getting a bit scared.

HI Gapers

so sorry this has happened to you but try not to think the worst.

give the colposcopy clinic a call and ask to speak to the Gynea personal assistant or the colp nurse and ask them for your results.. tell them you have been waiting 8 weeks..

Im sure they will dig them out for you.



Thank you for replying (:

I finally got a letter today saying 'it appears it was not taken to the laboratory'

But that she thinks it is just changes due to viral effects but have a retest anyway!

Not too confident based on this though!

Its such a long wait even if everything is fine :(