Lost hope? Staged 2b? Overwhelmed!

Hi ladies,

First of all I wanted to say how inspirational and brave you all are and so caring and supportive. This site has helped me so much since I was diagnosed.

I am so overwhelmed at the moment. I am staged 2B with tumour of 5cm (is this big or small I don’t know) ? Luckily its not gone to my bladder and on the MRI scan she said doesn’t look like lymph nodes either. My concern is… I was diagnosed CC in April and still no treatment plan yet because I was diagnosed incorrectly to begin with 1B1 and was booked in for an Operation to save my fertility but now they are saying I need chemo/radiation and to wait and they will discuss my treatment plan with me. I am 31 and don’t have any children so I have seen a fertility specialist and they said it takes 4 weeks for the whole freezing eggs process my gyno said its up to me if I want to propone the cancer treatment for 4 weeks to do the egg freezing (which is managed separately to all this) so im unsure… I went to my GP for advice and he was on leave so I saw a doctor I have never seen before and he was so negative saying my chances are slim at ‘making it’ also I need to pray and hope for a future right now. Also threw in 58% survival rate with my staged cancer and threw anti depressants at me when all I said was I cant sleep at night! I came away so low and upset. So my question/advice is should I do the egg freezing and prospone my treatment for 4 weeks?? or is it spreading? The gyno said they don’t know how aggressive it is but one side is bursting along the seams. I want to save my life but I also would love the chance to have my own child. I am also unclear if I can carry my own child after chemo/rad if they inject my eggs back into me in years to come? not sure? maybe something I need to ask them next.

Also what are the chances of survival at stage2b? stats confuse me a little but I am really scared now I am going to die, I feel extremely trapped and down at the moment. I am going into work acting normal as I can and putting on a front but all I want is answers and know if I am going to survive this and how evil it actually is? I have been worried but not as worried as this now after seeing the gp and seeing how concerned he looked. He said he was surprised how well im dealing with it with carrying on as normal etc which made me feel bad and concerned that I should be worrying more?? So sorry if I am rambling on…I needed to share this.

I hope everyone is getting on ok. Any advice/guidance always welcome. Thanks so much.


Hello Geo :-)

Oh Pish-Tush! Give me that consultant's name so I can slap him for you!

You are going to be absolutely fine! I was diagnosed 2b nearly five years ago and my consultant pretty much told my husband to get prepared for my death. Nonsense! This is a really curable cancer and there are women on this forum who have bounced back from a stage 4.

So, first of all, keep well away from Google and ask all your questions on here.

Second, the data collected so far that gives survival rates to date is NOT, NEVER HAS BEEN and NEVER WILL BE the probability of your own personal survival. For one the data is at least five years out of date. It can't not be, and treatments are improving all the time. The data does not distinguish between women who have failed to turn up to their fifth anniversary appointment for any number of different reasons. They may have received a cervical cancer diagnosis at age 98. They may have fallen under a bus. They may have moved to a different health authority.

I don't know that much about egg harvesting and fertility but as far as I know after chemo-rads you will not be able to carry your own child. Any harvested eggs will have to be used with a surrogate.

Be lucky :-)

I am so sorry to hear you have had such a negative experience with your GP surgery, its so hard to beileve the lack of empathy in some people who profess to be caring and supporting people :( Sadly, I have no insight to give you regarding outcomes and decision making, but I would advise you to think about what you want to do and seek clarity with your specialist. It sounds like you have been through the mill recently and emotions are bound to be running high. Ask for appointments and ask yourself what feels like the right thing to do for YOU. Whats right today, tomorrow and going forward, what makes you feel positive and happy? I think you have been so brave and strong and you will continue to be so on this jourbney. I hope you get better support from the health care team going forward. I hope you get some clarity and answers soon. Love and huge hugs, you insprirational lady xxx


Im so sorry your doctor has put the willies in you!!

listen to the girls on here and follow them for advise and help. 

i am sorry I'm not much help as newly diagnosed myself but please please try and calm down. Do you know type you have? adeniocarcenoma or the squamous one? Also have you had a Lletz or cone done yet?? 

Tivol  a little book of knowledge on this stuff as are the other girls so fire any questions at them lol

I'm hoping to be more useful as I learn and come to more of an understanding as what is happening to me in time.

chin up and stay strong, it's one hell of a rollerCoaster!


Thanks ladies. its such a scary time i think i just need to believe its curable and can come through cancer free because i dont want to die! It is reasurring hearing Tivol that you beat it. I think im just hearing negative stories at the moment and that doctor scared me shitless!! Michelle i hope you are dealing withit ok and you are so right this site is amazing. Thanks ladies xxxx

Ive also had LLETZ and cone back in March/April and its CC STAGE 2B not had any other info ? Just that I will need chemo/radiation. Scary times ahead.

I had my cone 2 days ago and I think my plan is hysterectom. I'm still confused how my consultant can want me to have one even tho I've not had a MRI yet. Maybe she thinks it's early stage? I don't know it's all so confusing.

we can stick together and kick ass through this!! 

I have also realised once the chemo/rad/ operations are all done you have to wait for months to get the all clear...what if it doesnt cure it?? what happens then??

Hi Geoxxx

oh gosh what a twonk that doctor sounds!! When I was diagnosed I had a gynocologist tell me before seeing scans etc that I would be chemoradio and too big for surgery...that things weren't great!! Walked away terrified..fast forward to meeting my oncologist who said I could have surgery, I asked why I was told I'd def have chemoradio and he said bcus they were not specialised in cancer and basically didn't have a clue what they were saying...i'd say you've met the same with this doc...he has no idea what statistic you have for survival he's not an oncologist but a general practicioner who has general knowledge in all illness's!!! Just listen to your oncologist...there are plenty of 2b survivors...and as tivoli has said statics are misleading...who knows how old these people were when they died!! They are vague and out dated!! My team have been nothing but positive..from the start they said it was curable not just treatable!! Don't be stressing about things not working as the treatment is very effective, just concentrate on being positive!! I can't say about harvesting your eggs as I have any knowledge on it sorry, best thing to do Is speak to your nurse or team and see what grade it is how aggressive it is maybe?! If they think waiting 4 weeks is ok then go from there?? 

Take care and keep positive...oh and ignore silly doctors lol!! xxx

Oooh I'm next in line to give that Dr a good slap! 

I was told December 8th last year that I had stage 4a. It had gone into my bladder wall and I had positive node involvement. The very first thing the consultant told me was that this was curable! Stage 4a curable! If stage 4a is curable then stage 2b is curable. Remember that. 

I had my treatment.  I was very low. I got through treatment and feel well both mentally and physically. 

At my scan in may I was told that I had no convincing evidence of residual tumour.  There is/was a small area of my cervix which has not returned to normal and they are going to look at it again on Monday 8th August. 

Hopefully it's all returned to normal or shrunk slightly. 

There are other stage 4 ladies on here too.

Keep positive,  keep posting and let us know how you are going on x 


i had stage 2b aswell. I had 3 positive lymph nodes and a 5.5cm Tumor. My treatment was chemoradiation. Earlier this month I was told I was all clear! I have no children and postponed my treatment to have 6 embryos frozen xxx

Hello Geo

I'd slap him too. what an ignoramus! It may even be useful to report him to the board. Save your eggs. This is a slow growing tumour and nothing happens in a hurry. I was a 3C and now disease free. 

Jayne xx



Hey Geo :-)

One step at a time eh, IF the treatment doesn't cure it, and that is a really huge IF because chemo-rads is really unbelievably successful, then we'll be here to help you deal with that too. But in a nutshell, even if you cannot have further radiotherapy there are still more chemo and surgical options. DON'T think about that just yet because YOU WILL get your all-clear a few months from now and you'll be laughing :-)

Be lucky :-)

I have a 5-6cm endocervical tumor as well. I have been staged at a 1b2. Mine apparently has not spread anywhere beyond the cervical canal. They have only said it is growing posterior although I don't think it has broken through the cervix. I was staged before all of my scans though. But they haven't said anything to me about the scans showing any different. Basically just that the scans are not indicative of spread or node involvment. I feel lucky though. I haven't had a pap in years, and I think I've had symptoms for a while. It wasn't until I started bleeding that I went to the doc. I just started bleeding one day and never stopped. I truly expected an advanced stage.

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Hi geo that Dr obviously has no idea! I'm stage 2b and was feeling exactly like you but met my oncologist this week and he said the aim of treatment is to cure, 90% chance which has really boosted me.  I know how hard it can be but try stay positive, there are days we all feel down and need a good cry but try not to stay there and think of all the good things you have in your life xx

Hi Geo, 

I was staged 2b last Nov & it was Poorly Differentiated & Aggressive. I'd been given an unnecessary Hysterectomy in Oct and had to wait till Jan 16 to start treatment so had a delay of over 8wks. I would delay & freeze eggs but only after you discuss it completely with your Consultant. 

I had 30 fractions or Radiotherapy & 6 Ciplatin chemo finishing mid Feb 16. I was told earlier this month on my latest scan that they couldn't see any evidence of disease so made it through to the other side. Please don't get tied up in statistics & percentages of medical articles as I agree with others that have said, alot of them are years old. 

You will come out of this and the help of all the fab ladies on here will get you through. Their advice, experiences & support is invaluable & will get you through sleepless nights and days when you need that extra boost. 

Ask lots of questions when you go for appointments, no question is a wrong 1. You need to feel comfortable with what is happening & secure in your understanding of your treatment. I always took my sister with me, she remembered things I forgot so I would recommend you have someone with you. 

Take every day as it comes, some will be good, others you may cry, you could be angry but you will get through this.

Take Care

Flo xx


Hi Geo, 

I'm not really able to give you any advice as I was a 1a1 girl but I didn't want to read and run. I also just wanted to say please don't let some ill-informed doctor get you down. As far as I am aware 2b is very treatable as the girls who've commented before me have confirmed. 

Sending you hugs and positivity xx 


Wow Jayneeeb that is amazing and so good to know. Thank you for messaging me and giving me hope. incredible. how did you find chemo? Are you cancer free now and how often do you get check up on ? xxx

Thanks Laura that is so reasurring to know. How are you getting on now? hope you are ok. When did you start treatment? xxx

Thanks Flo for your message. that is so resurring to know. How awful you had a hyster without needing one? how did they get that wrong? How is your treatment going? xxx