Lost and confuzzled! Newbie needing advice!

Hi everyone im new here and in need of some advice.


To cut a long story short...2 yrs ago i had post coital bleeding for 18 months previous to that...went tosee gynae after GP referral and was told the lump they could see i probabyly had since i was a little girl and if i have anymore probs to go back. Hmmm i bled when they did an internal exam also and to be sent on my merry way u can imagine i was not pleased! My GP was also not happy and sent me to a private hosp for 2nd opinion thru the NHS. On this initial appt there was not only 1 lump there were now 5!! The lovely doc drew a diagram and advised me he would cauterize em...they were nabothian cysts .


Ive had regular smears since and my last was June 2013. 


I had an MRI this yr for rectum problems when they saw a thickening on both my anterior and posterior walls on my vaginal vault and on my cervix. I was referred urgently to a gynae. Tuesday thus week off i go with my sis and the gynae had no notes of my previous cervux issues nor did she take any swabs! My symptoms are again bleeding bright red blood during sex..increase is vaginal discharge that at times drips out of me but no odour at all....frequent urination especially at night it drives me batty...pain in lower abdoman all the time and severe lower back ache. She did an internal and felt what she said wasba ligament and thats what was seen on MRI...she got another doc to check ut was a ligament and i was told ive probably always had it. Due to bleeding during sex she is sending me for a colposcopy and my urination problems she is sending me to have pelvic exercises...i do not wee wen i cough or cannot control it....i just wee in excess and have done for about a year now...i am soooooo angry! 


My mother died of breast cancer aged 46 snd her mother too...i really feel fobbed off si im gonna request again a second opinion...im not risking my health for no one! 


What would you do in my situation??


Sorry for long post! 


Frecks xx

Hi frecks. You know your body best and if you think something is not right then keep at them! Both my parents died of cancer so I was always vigilent at checking abnormalities out. Its a horrible thing to keep on worrying about something. Go back to your gp and tell her how you feel and that you want another referral.

Good luck