Loss after lletz (sorry tmi)

Hi I wonder if anyone can shed any light on this for me I'm 8days post lletz and almost 14 weeks pregnant. overthe last couple of days I have lost the black scabs that people have mentioned which I was kind of expecting.. my blood loss/discharge has been quite minimal and only really noticed on wiping. None last night was a different story. I woke in the night to go to the loo and on wiping there was a huge....well...bloody jelly like lump. The only time I've ever seen anything like this was when I had my "show" going into labour with my other pregnancies. Has anyone else experienced this sort of loss? I think I am going to call the clinic if only for reassurance as I have some cramping pains very low down too. No results back yet either :( I was hoping they would be here today. It's all such a worry.

although I haven't experienced this myself (I am only 1 day post LLETZ), I have read on another post somewhere of someone who experienced something similar if this eases your mind a little bit. I think she said something along the lines of when she went to the toilet out came a long thin red type of jelly/gunk sort of thing. I am not sure if she was pregnant though. I think due to the fact you are it would be worth giving them a quick call. I am sure it is something they would have been asked before and could probably put your mind at ease.

Hi thanks for your reply. I rang the clinic just to check over what had happened and They advised me to go to the gynae assessment unit which I did. Doctor had a check over me and could see a very raw area of cervix where tbellows is coming from but no evidence of cervix opening or imminent miscarriage. What a relief. I feel much better just knowing where it has come from. Dr also did an ultrasound which showed baby is quite happy and safe In there! This whole process is such a worry. My husband keeps telling me not to panic everything will be okay...well I'm sure that's easy when its bit you it's happening to! I'm so thankful for this site where I can come for advice xx

That's great news, and I am glad it has eased your mind. Best thing if you are ever worried is to just call them, while support is amazing on here, it's the Docs that know best. I know what you mean about the worrying. My fiance is being brilliant and remaining so positive for me, but I still feel like I am stuck in limbo at the moment, my mind drifts and I get into all sorts of silly thoughts in my head. I just want the results to come and it's only been 2 days! I am hoping that by next week I will have put it to the back of my mind. Do let me know how you get on with your results, feel free to message me as we are only within a week of each other for our lletz.  I hope that you and the baby are all okay xx

Hi Jen, I got my results today and got the all clear! I still need further treatment but it can wait until after baby is born. I'm so relieved! Hope you're not waiting much longer for your results and that you get good news xxx

I just saw this on your new post and replied. I'm SO happy for you, it's great news. I hope you have a good pregnancy and a wonderful healthy little baby. Fingers crossed I will get good news too. Yours has only been about 10 days since lletz hasnt it? I might try calling sooner too