Losing weight after chemorads

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This is not something I’m ‘worrying’ about, but since the last week of my cancer treatment I’ve been slowly losing weight. I had put some on, pre cancer diagnosis, and was finding it hard to shift. However when I came back from hospital post sepsis (got a urinary infection which spread into my blood after brachytherapy) I had lost 1 stone in weight (64 to 57kg) and I could barely eat from nausea. However I’m back to enjoying my food after a determined multibiotics regime and since then I’m steadily losing about .2 of lb every week. It’s a small amount but I’m now under 50kg. I’ve dropped several dress sizes and there is zero flab on my stomach. :roll_eyes: I feel fine and healthy - I’m taking regular 2km walks most days and eating healthily. Is it just my new healthy eating etc. or have other people found they have starting losing weight after chemorads? I had stage 3C2, so it was in my para-aortic nodes and my stomach area was irradiated as well as the pelvic area. I was NED in May.

Hi Jack’s,

I am almost 5 weeks post treatment and have put on half a stone was already overweight so not so good. I managed to maintain my weight during treatment was exactly the same weight at the end of treatment.

Perhaps you are just not eating enough could you add something calorific into your daily diet and see if that maintains your weight you don’t want to keep losing 2lbs a week if you are only 50kg.

I need to follow your healthy regime and loose my excess 3 stone!!

Oh my goodness! I can’t imagine putting on weight post treatment - I guess because I was just so nauseous all the time. I’m not losing 2lb a week, it’s .2 - so about a quarter of a lb a week - very slow. I have just had a half slice of seeded rye bread with peanut butter and raspberry jam; and I have a walnut whip or another treat in the evenings. I guess I am eating less than I used to though, and the walking must help because before I was very much sedentary as I spend most of my work in front of a computer. I used to have ++ size bras, but now I’m in a normal size. It feels like a gift after all the treatment, which I found very hard going, and maybe it is - if this is not other people’s experience.

Sorry Jack’s I miss read your post. 1/4 lb a week is not much works out at around 1lb a month which is around 3500 calories so if you eat an extra 100 calories per day you should maintain your weight.
Yes I was surprised that I managed to eat all the way through treatment. I never had any nausea or went off any foods I was very surprised as I thought I would loose some weight but alas no and now I am 1/2 a stone heavier my plan is to loose weight before my first check up!!

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Hi Jacks

I lost weight during chemo-radiotherapy treatment which was something I didn’t want to do. Like you I found treatment hard going - I had a lot of nausea and diarrhoea and lost my appetite; towards the end of treatment I could only eat mashed potato and cooked tomatoes with maybe some toast. I was slim to start with and became underweight so the dietitian prescribed me high calorie nutritional drinks. I was so relieved when my appetite came back soon after completion of treatment and I made a conscious effort to steadily put some weight back on - I seldom weigh myself but gauge it by how my clothes fit

Good to hear you are feeling well; regular walks are just the best thing. Be careful not to lose too much weight, as AMF suggets just up the calories a bit each day to maintain.

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