Losing alot of blood & scared!

Hi all, 
It's 5.30am & I just can't settle :( 
I had a colposcopy & biopsies taken on Wednesday (6 days ago). Iv had the expected spotting & discharge ( sorry for tmi) but since last evening I have been losing alot of blood. 
It's bright red fresh blood with no clots or mucus or anything. Iv got extremely mild cramps but nothing else unusual going on. 
I'm starting to panic abit as iv never seen this amount of blood even during a period or giving birth!
I have changed my pad 3 times during the night alone.
I am going to ring my GP or the colposcopy clinic in the morning but if anyone could possibly shed any light on what might be happening or share a similar experience it would be much appreciated. 


Not being a doctor I don't have any answers about the blood. Sometimes there can be an infection aftwerwards which I think can cause a lot of bleeding. I had an infection and bleed for weeks, but not in quite the same way as you're describing. But if the bleeding is really bad and not easing or even starting to get worse (like coming out in a stream if you sit on the loo - sorry if too graphic) maybe don't wait until the clinic or GP surgery opens, but go to A&E? Not wanting to panic you of course, only you know how the bad the bleeding is and what you think is best. 

Take care, hope you're able to see someone today x

I just wanted to see if you were ok?
I hope you’ve managed to see someone? … it’s good to get things checked out!!

Take care x

Thanks for the replies ladies. I rang colposcopy this morning so they asked me to go in. They've re-applied that brown tar type stuff they put in after the biopsies and just said I'd probably done abit too much and to take it easy for the next day or so. I was secretly hoping I'd go in and they'd have my results back in already but no such luck! 


Glad ur all sorted though xxx