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Have you also seen the media reporting this week regarding trials of the HIV drug lopinavir as a treatment for cervical cell abnormalities?

Follow these links to reporting by University of Manchester, Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail: 





I am due to have loop excision next week. I am also trying to get pregnant for the first time at 39 - so I am very interested in the possibility of trying the lopinavir treatment which appears to have been as successful as loop excision, without the small risk of premature birth carried by LEETZ. 

I have found the following official guidelines for doctors in the UK regarding off-label prescription:



These would appear to make it possible for doctors to try the lopinavir treatment if they view it in the patient's best interests, given that lopinavir has already been approved as an HIV treatment. 


I appreciate that the trials in Kenya were the first clinical trials of lopinavir for cervical cell abnormalities and that in the ordinary course of things, larger trials etc would be needed before the treatment would be fully approved. But this is my condition (CIN II) and my life, and if it is a good prospect for effective treatment, I would want to try it out, now, without delay.

Are any of you in the same position, or have you raised this with your doctors?


Hello there.  I've read the article and althought it's too late for me,  I think it is amazing news and the sooner they get it up & running the better.

However,  I'm not sure that the next phase of trials are going to be based in the UK?



Hi Everyone

Whilst we're always keen to see potential diagnostic and therapeutic developments for cervical cancer and cervical abnormalities, I feel that it's really important to highlight that the trials for Lopinavir so far have not yet been peer reviewed and published.

A product of this nature would therefore not be available for some time as it is vital that it is put through the same robust testing as all other therapeutic solutions. Therefore if you were to request this from your healthcare professional it is highly unlikely that they would prescribe it. We would always suggest that you follow the treatments that are currently clinical best practice as set out by your care team.

However we, like you, will be watching the progress of this drug closely.

Best wishes