Loosing my nerve rant

Well I’ve been pretty calm about everything but tomorrow is the day I have my hysterectomy and lymph nodes removed and today I seem have gone to pieces. I’m not ready and would like another week to think about this! This time tomorrow I will be plunged into the menopause and have a chunk of my vagina missing, the friggin joys! I could honestly scream. I can’t even cheer myself up with something nice to eat because of this stupid low residue diet, bloody starving I am! cheesed off is what I am right now and feeling sorry for myself :frowning:

It's OK baby, rant away.  You are totally entitled to feel absolutely totally pissed off and scared . No one should have to deal with this crap ever. Vent as much as you like; we all know how you feel and if it makes you feel the tiniest better, have at it.

You will do fine.  I was right where you are last Sunday night ahead of my hysterectomy. When I got up to go the hospital I felt like I was walking to the gallows. It was all I could do to put one step in front of the other when we got there. 

This is scary but you can do it.  Once you get there tomorrow everything will roll along and you'll be done before you know. Recovery will take some time but you'll be back feeling your old self before you know it, and trust me, the relief that it is done is wonderful. 

I'm a week further down the road than you.  Bladder's working, bowels are working and I'm pottering around my house. Still get tired quickly and am napping when I can, but much better than I thought I'd feel. 

Good luck tomorrow. Let us know how you're doing.  I'll be cheering you on.

PS There's a web site here in the US called "Hystersister" for women who have had hysterectomies. Only browsed it quickly but love the name.

Aww Susie, feel your pain. Rant away, we've all been there unfortunately. Hope everything goes ok tomorrow and you have a good recovery xx

Hope everything went well. Thinking of you and wishing you a quick recovery.


Sending you hugs. None of us wanted this, but we're all bigger, stronger and better women for having gone through it and come safely out the other side.


Be lucky :-)

OK Susie H, get back on here as soon as you can and tell us how you're doing! 

Hope everything went well.

Hello, well I am came home yesterday and I'm feeling really well. Things didnt go to plan, lost a lot of blood and spent the night in intensive care. Then had sepsis. Catheter came out today and brilliant news that the cancer is gone with no further treatment needed, I'm so happy to be home. I am worried about my leg though. When I left on Wednesday night I had a Dalteparin injection in my thigh. I have had my pelvic lymph nodes removed and I am worried the site has become infected. It is rock hard, red round the edge and sore. I'll post on the post treatment site to see if anyone can help. Thanks for all your support.

You're back!! Yay!

I'm so sorry that your op didn't go smoothly and that you had to spend so much time in the hospital. That must have been scary and miserable for you and your family. But now you're home so I hope everyone is pampering you and waiting on you, hand and foot.

Great news too that you got the all-clear. What a relief. Now, take it really really easy and rest. 

Can't help with the sore leg - maybe a quick call to the doc?

You go girl!



Sorry to hear your op didn't go to plan, but glad you're well on the road to recovery. Dalteparin injections sometimes cause hard lumps and can be a bit sore but there shouldn't really be redness.  it's no better today then perhaps see a doctor?