Loop treatment today

Hi ladies, i’m looking forward to a nice long soak in the bath before i have to go for my loop at 3 o clock. Gonna miss not having baths for 4 weeks, especially since i’m gonna have to go rnd to my sisters to shower since i don’t have a shower. I’m hoping the treatment goes well, n hopefully i won’t end up worried sick again waiting for results. Hope the nurses put my mind more at ease this time.

Well i’ve had loop, which actually turns out to be Lletz didn’t realise that. I was very surprised by how quick it was over and the only real discomfort i had was from the speculum. It wasn’t really painfull thankfully. Wonder how i’ll feel later when the aneasthetic wears off?? Hopefully not to bad. Was much easier than my colposcopy n biopsies last time, which seemed to last forever n the sight of all the tools made me feel sick. Didn’t really have that this time. I’m glad its over n done with though n now i just need to wait on results n hopefully just need a smear in 6 months.

Glad all went well for you are you sound in good spirits!!

Yes, the bath thing is a bit poo... I was told none for 4 weeks then other people on here said 2 weeks and some people weren't told anything so when I was told 2 wks 3 days later I have cancer, I went for it and had one! Had got period too so needed a hot bath. I didn't put any products in, just incase.

Hope it was a good bath lol x Donna

Hi Donna, yeah i really really enjoyed my bath, i get feeling i’m gonna be on within the week which will be a bit of a nightmare cos i have heavy periods, don’t like the idea of only being able to shower. I’m feeling great after treatment had my first good sleep in weeks last night since my lower back pains gone. It feels good to know its out of me, just waiting on results now, hoping pain was due to a cyst or something but i know its gone now which feels really good. So sorry to hear you’ve been diagnosed n i wish you well in all your treatment. I’m now at the stage in my head where i’ll deal with it if it happens, spent way to long worrying myself sick about my biopsy results that i’m not willing to do that again. I feel in alot better place now, thinking of you x