LOOP/LLETZ/Biopsy - what’s the difference?

Hi all!

I’m on year 5 of HPV and cell changes. Waiting for my colposcopy appointment to come through. I’ve never had treatment before as the cell changers are minor but they said this year they will just remove the cells to see if it can kickstart me to clear the HPV.

My question is what’s the difference between LOOP and LLETZ? And do they always do a biopsy of the cells they remove?


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Hi Daisy Rose,

I hope all goes well for you. There’s no difference between Loop and LLETZ, I think it just, depends where you live as to what they call it. You can have varying sized loops, so the larger loop can remove a larger area.

All tissue removed is always sent to the lab, which is very reassuring. And you usually get the results in around four to six weeks x

It takes so long to come back doesn’t it! Tuesday is week 3 for me waiting for the Lletz results. I’m continually checking for them! Hopefully next week fingers crossed!

Hi kelly84
Just reading some posts and wondered how you got on with your lletz results and how long they took to come back? X

Thank you all. Just wanted to come back and update that they didn’t even do a LOOP! Just 2 punch biopsies and said I will probably have to come back for treatment when they have the results. So still more waiting :see_no_evil: it’s the worst part of all of this :pensive: