Loop Exision

6 years ago I had CIN 3 abnormal cells so had to go in as a day patient and have a cone biopsy under general anaesthetic, they removed all the abnormal cells. I felt “normal” after the op and was finally told 3 years ago I could return to having 3 year smears. (All my smears had been normal)
2 weeks ago I had my smear and 4 days later I received a letter saying an appointment had been arranged at colposcopy as high grade abnormalities had been found. I was devastated again.
My appointment was on Thursday 23rd Feb and I was just expecting a biopsy, what a shock when she said we are going to perform Loop Exision, I was a wreck, have to say it wasn’t that bad, just uncomfortable and didn’t take long.
However I have felt terrible since having it done, feel quite weak and ache like mad when I do anything. I know they said take it easy for a couple of weeks but I never had aching like this last time x

I had this 6 days only feeling normal today. It wiped me out emotional and physical your body has been through trauma give yourself time to heal. If had a previous treatment may be old scaring too could be why your finding it worse this time round increase in age or slightly different techniques now. I'm 34 and it wiped me hope all goes well and you feel stronger soon x

Thank you, I was feeling better today as the horrible discharge I had seemed to clear and I have felt more like myself, until today when I started bleeding heavily. Makes you so fed up.  Hope your still feeling "normal" x