Loop excision under general?


I went for colposcopy yesterday after a 6 month follow-up smear indicated I've moved from mild to high grade changes. After talking to the doctor beforehand I agreed to going ahead to a visual confirmation with the vinegar and iodine and to have the loop excision done that visit under local. 

During the examination though I experienced quite a lot of pain as a combination of cervical ectopy and a tilted cervix which required the doctor to press on an area where I experienced sharp pain whilst trying to see my cervix properly. I've always felt more than the 'slight discomfort' they describe for smears, but this brought tears to my eyes, which then meant I couldn't relax, which made the whole situation worse. 

The medical staff there were lovely, and suggested not carrying out the loop excision that day, as they would need to be able to manuever during the procedure, and as the Dr put it she did not want me finding this the worst experience ever and not coming back for monitoring and smears in the future. So instead they took a biopsy instead to confirm treatment is appropriate (though the Dr said from what she could see the biopsy will only confirm treatment is preferable). 

They have also suggested once biopsy results are in that I opt for them to complete the loop excision under general rather than local anaesthetic.

Has anyone else been advised a loop under general? I feel like I'm being ridiculous not being able to persevere and get it done yesterday under local. 

Hi Oleander,


First of all dont feel ridiculous, everyone is different and feels pain differently. I was never given the option to have LLETZ under local but I can highly recommed having it done under general. You will be in and out in the one day and you wont feel a thing.


Best wishes,


I understand your feelings of "Why can't I just have it done under local?" as I'm in a similar position! I think it is 100% understandable for you to have GA as it's obviously difficult to reach the area. That's not your fault, it's just the position of your cervix! The reason I will be referred under GA (if my biopsy comes back CIN2 which I am expecting) is because I'm just a nervous patient.

I was wondering what happens when you have LLETZ under GA. Do you have to have a pre-op consultation where they take bloods/assess you for suitability of GA etc? Xx

Its good to know its not that uncommon to have it under GA, feel less like I'm being a nuisance! 

Pineapple, from what I understand from what the doctor I saw was saying there is a pre-assessment before GA, but not sure what that involves



At my first colposcopy they recommended LLETZ under ga as it was a big area and I was on the verge of tears anyway. Better under ga so they can have a proper look without disturbing you. I'm also one of those funny people who actually likes ga's too!

What's GA like? I'm quite curious - I'm nervous but not altogether dreading the experience. I'm wondering also what the referral times are like for LLETZ under GA, how long am I likely to wait in your experiences? Mind you I suppose it varies in different hospitals depending on how busy they are! Although they're all busy surely! xxx

I had lltez on the 11th of march it was fine just gotta rest when getting home im still feeling tired 11 days on but only cos i got an infection goin under and having it done was like a walk in the park for me and i suffer with panic and anxiety youll be fine waiting for results is the hardest part gd luck hunnies :)


i had Lletz and Colposcopy done under GA without any problems, you do have a pres assessment appointment and your bloods taken. I was told that the procedure took 15/20 minutes, I had slight period pain, slight bleeding for a few days and that was it! After the GA I woke up feeling normal.....whatever that is! Everyone is different but I'd go for the GA, especially if you are feeling very anxious about it too. Good luck, and don't worry about what other people might think, do what's best for you.