Loop diathermy

Hi wondering and looking for some advice,
I had Loop Diathermy done 12/01/2016 2 weeks & 1 day ago, about 10 days after treatment along with the discharge (I know
Yuck) I had some bleeding but now I have heavier bleeding about an average period amount, and was due my period which I believe to have came late, however the blood is so fresh and unlike the look of a period and has lasted longer than my own average period… Has anyone else experienced this!! I’m so worried & need some reassurance

I had mine done last week, on 21st.. Bleeding had more or less stopped last couple of days and has come back today with a vengeance! Was at dr yesterday and they thought I was ok no infection but phoned up today to say it looks liker there is an infection so back there again in the morning. Maybe best you go to gp and get checked out