Loop diathermy results.

Hi everyone, 

This is my first post here. I've been going through loads of threads trying to find answers and this site is so great at putting your mind at ease! 

I had a loop diathermy done nearly 4 weeks ago now. I have been worried sick ever since I had a letter saying my smear results were abnormal. 

I'm 27 and it was my first smear. I'd been putting it off and busy having my 2 children. 

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I have severe dyskaryosis & ive been waiting for my results. I called Drs about something else yesterday and they then called me back to say my GP wants to see me to discuss my results. She said I should have been seen at the end of August.  I'm really confused as I was expecting my results from the consultant at the hospital. I was also hoping no news was good news and now I'm panicking. Why would my gp want to see me? 

if anyone could shed some light for me I would be really grateful! 

Kayleigh x




Hi Kayleigh,

I too am awaiting my results however, I was told that it would be my GP that would receive them and that's who would call me. Common practice from what I understand is that most results are given face to face from your GP. Not over the phone.

Hope this helps put your mind at ease xxx