Loop diathermy/cone biopsy under GA?

Hi all. 

I hadn't had a smear in 9 years until a few weeks ago. 

I have been experiencing changes to periods, bleeding between periods and smelly discharge along with pain in lower back and lower stomach on and off for about a year. GP not concerned and it's been a watch and wait kind of situation. 

Then I saw the practice nurse for what seemed to be yet anotjer wwe infection. Urine was fine so we discussed a little more and she did some swaps for possible infection and also a smear. 


Results came back Friday 9th June clear for infection but significant/severe changes to cervix. Was booked in for colposcopy yesterday 14th June. Doctor advised very large space that matched the severe results and borderline? 


Unable to treat there and then as too big an area, so am being booked to have treatment under GA within next few weeks. 

Was warned to be positive but realistic as changes are very severe? 

No one has given me any actual medical words regarding the results other than pre cancerous borderline cancerous and that they won't know anything else until the results come back after the operation. 


I have no idea how I'm supposed to feel about any of this. So just wanted to reach out really. 

Thanks! From a really busy home educating mum of 4 children 3 with additional needs. I really don't need this right now! (I know no one does!) 

I just had a leep conization under GA and honestly, it wasn't quite as scary/intense as I thought it'd be. The news itself is crappy, but for me, having the operation was a huge relief. Recovery wasn't too bad and it gave me peace of mind. For early disease like I had (sounds like you may have been in the same "borderline" boat as I was, CIN3/CIS?) procedures like this tend to be very effective. My margins came back clear, and I'm going back in December for a follow-up pap.


Best of luck to you. Stay positive!!

Thanks Thomase17. 


Just home from my GA letz. It was pretty straight forward although am very comfortable as been having a lot of bleeding before the operation let alone now. But hopeful that will settle. 

They are looking at possible invasion? No idea what that means and didn't get to see the consultant again, however he did say he should have results back by the end of next week which seems very fast as the nurse said about 6 weeks for results. 

Now to wait and see I guess. 

Am remaining positive as best we can with these things! Smile