Loop biopsy


Hi, i had my results Cin 1 about a month ago. The letter said i had to return in April to do it all again. Today i get a letter saying i need Loop Biopsy with GA. I think because i have had breast cancer they are going over the top. I feel like telling them to get a grip . What shall i do?

thanks Alison x

Got a letter today saying I'm booked in for 10th December for Loop. I'm going to call on Monday and speak to someone as I think I should wait till April and have check up then. The more I read about it Cin 1 does not need treatment. What a waste of nhs money which could be spent on someone else. 


Aww bless ya Hun if they think you need let's u shud go Hun xxx

Katie thanks, I called the hospital and they told me it was because I had moderate dyskaryosis and they always treat this. if that is the case why tell me to come back in April? 

I went for pre op today and spoke to the nurse who had all my notes. I asked her why I was having this and she looked at my notes. It said I had high grade but when I had biopsy it was Cin1. So how can it be high grade and only Cin1 shouldn't it be Cin2 or more? She also said very strange to get me in for Cin 1 so now I think what is going on. has anyone heard of having high grade and only Cin1?