loop biopsy and cautery & loop treatment

today i had my first colposcopy. (CIN3)

during the procedure they found a HUGE (doctors words!!) area of abnormal cells.

the doctor asked if i would like them removed by cautery & loop treatment.

i confirmed and he removed it all.

i was very painful and still is.

i am having straw colour discharge.


when i got home my husband noticed the hospital had sent out info on loop biopsy and the doctor called it "cautery & loop treatment"

i am questioning are the two named the same procedure.


during the precedure they said i should only look out for a high temperature but wondered if there is anything else aswell!


my husband watched the whole procedure and said once it was all finished the whole area looked like a custed tart with nutmeg ontop!!!!!EmbarassedEmbarassed



I had the loop last wednesday and I can relate to the straw colour you describe… I wondered if that was norm as he said I might bleed for 4 weeks! None of that till today a tiny little bit. I’ve been lucky not to have any pain( god knows how i haven’t)

Your hubby a brave man to watch! Must of helped you through it all alot.  when will you get results? X

my hubby is not brave just likes to give all the gory details to everyone!!! ( to everyone who knows)!!!!

my doctor said the results should be in within 2 weeks as gyne are waiting to do another operation so need this ruled out first before and can have the operation as they may end up doing two ops in one if the results are not good!!!


wish you all the best and all my fingers and toes are crossed for you xx

Thank you hun. Mine are for you to,keep me posted about any changes xx xxxx

hi i was wondering if it is ok to have a bath after lletz. just don't want to get infection or irritate anything?