“Looks different” Smear Test

I had treatment for CGIN probably about 10/15 years ago. Had lletz treatment but there were still abnormal cells so had a cone biopsy which was successful in removing them. I then went to yearly smear tests and am currently on 3 yearly smear tests. I still dread going for them even though all my past results have been fine.

Today I went for my smear test. The nurse did quite a lot of prodding around down there. She got me to change my position and said she wanted to be sure she got the right area. After she had taken the sample and I was getting changed she asked me “if I have had children”. I explained I have one which was by c-section and then she said “ah ok, it’s just the hole was very small and looked different to what I have seen before”.

So now I am panicking that something is wrong. Do you think I just have an odd cervix as opposed to her seeing abnormalities? Would she have told me if something was not normal? I probably should have asked her to explain at the time but to be honest I hate the whole procedure so I just wanted to get my pants on and run!

I hate this time between having the smear and waiting for results. Get such anxiety!

Hello maybe she has not seen many women that had treatment for cell changes and you had 2 treatments so probably cervix is just a bit different from people that have not gone through treatment maybe that is what happened . Good luck I am sure you are fine and is just that it looks different because of the treatment . I am also glad to know that people go on 15 years with no abnormalities after treatment hopefully that will also be me :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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