Looking forward.....

Hi Ladies

I have not posted for a while and decided after all the help i have  gained from this site i want to spread a little hope and happiness xx

Nearly 9 weeks post op and a few bumps along the way I actually now feel I am back in charge and am returning to work part time, booked a holiday for 2 weeks time then returning to full time on my return.Cool

Just 4 months ago I thought the worst  and it is all now a distant memory.  Smile The fear of recourrance will never go away but I have made a concious effort to think   bugger it I might get run over tomorrow!!!Not easy to do but its the only way I will stay sane!!!Wink

I am sure I will still feel anxious at check up time but I refuse to let cancer rule my life Frown


I just wanted to post to let you ladies waiting for results (HARDEST BIT) or just had treatment that although it is AWFUL at the time there is light at the end of the tunnel so stay STRONG  and you will get there too xxx

Best wishes and Good luck  to everyone whatever stage in your journey you are at and many thanks to all who have helped me



Great to hear you sounding so positive and moving forward Kath.

Have a great holiday and all the best for returning to work. I’m starting to think about timelines for going back myself but I think I’m going to take a few more weeks to get my stamina up a bit. Still find my energy levels can be very low, but I did have 2 rounds of surgery and I think that’s what has slowed me down.

Let us know how it goes, xxx

Glad to hear you doing well Rosehip x

Don't get me wrong I am still having issues with pain in my legs and  constipation but i just think i need to get back to 'normal' whatever that may be to move forward and get my life back!

I am fortunate to be self employed and can decide for myself what work i am able to do so my fab staff will still be carrying me for a while.....

Am too much of a control freak to put up with daytime TV much longer while my business is just  ticking over :))

You take your time and do what is right for you xxx

At least we are both on the other side and looking forward.....

Kath xxx

Hi Kath, 

Great to hear you sounding so positive and that you're looking forward to going back to work - it sounds like it's the right thing for you, so that's great. A holiday is definitely just the thing as well I reckon!! I really hope you have an enjoyable and relaxing time. 

Just wanted to say that I'm glad you've found so much support at Jo's - I agree that it's a great place - and that we're all still here if you need us in the future. I really hope that how you're feeling now continues for you, but also just want you to know that if it doesn't, that's ok too, and we're still here to offer as much support as you need weeks/months down the line. 

Have a wonderful holiday - have a cocktail for me! ;-) 

Annabel. x

Hi Kath,

loved reading your post and wanted to wish you well with everything...you are firmly sticking 2 fingers up to this awful disease!!  Although I've not got my results yet, I feel very similar to you and have had to take some control back so this week I have been back at work (albeit working from home).  I am lucky enough to have a flexible job and a really supportive manager who has basically said "if you want to come back now then do as much as little as you can until you feel your back up there". Next week I've set some meetings up in the office so will be going in for a few days and it feels great.  Like you I'm still tired and am also plagued with terrible stiffness in my joints (from chemo I now think) but I knew I just couldn't sit at home playing the waiting game...theres also no amount of housework that will take my mind off things. Next week will be the real test of my strength but it just feels so good to have some "normality" and I realise how lucky I am to have a supportive employer as I know some people just dont have the options I have. I dont have a holiday planned yet but aim to get something booked somewhere warm sometime after results.  I'm now not sure about travel insurance with the diagnosis so if you have any advice that would be great.  I'm also now on warfarin following a pulmonary embolism so will probably need to have a conversation with my GP about travel from that point of view (rules out America and Oz then!).  

Jos has really helped me over the last 5 months and at the worst & darkest time of my life.  Knowing you ladies are around and understand helps enormously, reading all the inspirational stories drives me on and even hearing the sad news which inevitably comes, has made me realise how fortunate I am and that there are others in worse situations who I can hopefully offer my support to now I'm stronger.  My 2 fingers are also up and being waived defiantly in cancer's face!!Tongue Out

Take care all you lovely ladies x

Thankyou annabel.

Lots of lovely ladies inspiring posts have often helped me see things more clearly and made me laugh  on the dark days.

  I will always be so glad i found Jo's and continue to pop in and help if i can.


Best wishes to everyone

Kath xx


Well done andrea

Work is the best way i can think of getting ' normal ' back!

I know our lives have changed forever but we don't have to lie down and let the bugger change us!!

You are doing so well and I know how difficult all the waiting is and you seem to be waiting a long time for results  but hey ho- gonna be good newsSmilexx

I did get declined by several travel insurance companies but got good worldwide cover through 'its so easy' . Main criteria seemed to be drugs being taken now and check up times. I was taking tinsaparin post surgery but only for 6 weeks so not relevant to them. My checks are 3 monthly and again was no issue to them. You have to do a medical screening online but was pretty basic.

Good luck i hope you get to book somewhere nice and warm, mind we keep saying how am i gonna manage the heat abroad because   my back gets  hot flushes here in the snow lol.

I am still not taking anything like HRT but have promensil in the cupboard in case i change my mind. Did you find an alternative to suit you?

Jo's is a fab place and i too intend to continue to dip in to offer advice where i can and to follow you lovely ladies who have helped me and are stll waiting for results.

GO andrea ..xx 2 fingers also xxx

Kath xxx

Thank you for posting such a positive message! Enjoy your holiday xx