Looking for women 50 and over to tell their story

Hi Ladies,

We are  looking to raise awareness of cervical screening to women over 50, and in order to do so we need personal stories from women affected by  cervical cancer OR cervical abnormalities aged 50 or over. If you think you would like to tell your story to the media or on our website please get in touch with Elisabeth at elisabeth@jostrust.org.uk giving her a short summary of your story, your age and telephone number.

We really look forward to hearing from you.

Very best wishes



Hi I'm interested.  Diagnosed at 55 years in dec. 2014. After a year of bad Pap tests 

I got An email with link but link says access denied

hi my name is Christine I'm 53 I was diagnosed in May 2013 after years of clear smear tests I fact is had one 14 months before that was clear in 2 years I've had chemo radio therapy a radical hysterectomy a recurran r then 6 sessions of chemo now I've had a partial good result and I'm being watched by attending appointments every 8 weeks .

Hi Christine,

Thank you so much for your comment, it's really appreciated. If you would be happy to tell your story to the media or on our website please do get in touch with my colleauge Elisabeth at elisabeth@jostrust.org.uk.


Best wishes