Looking for volunteers to help us review our online sections about receiving an incurable diagnosis and palliative care

Hi ladies,

We are currently reviewing all of our online information sections that deal with the subject of receiving an incurable diagnosis and the palliative care options that are available. The content of these sections is very sensitive, but we are very aware that we would like it to be as useful as possible to women facing this diagnosis.

We are looking for any volunteers who have experience of this that would be willing to help us review these information sections from a patients perspective. This would involve reading over the information and then having a quick phone call to chat about any feedback you have on it. This could be also be done via email, whichever you are more comfortable with.

If you are interested in helping us with this review or would like more details, please contact our information officer Kirsty at kirsty@jostrust.org.uk.

Thank you so much in advance