Looking for Support - HPV Positive/Normal Pap after 6 years

Hello All,

Just looking for some reassurance or support. I’m a 35-year-old female who recently married but have been with my partner for 5 years. From 2015-2016 I was HPV positive (not 16/18) with mild cell changes that were removed by biopsy 2x. I got my first Negative result at the end of 2016 and been in the clear ever since.

I got just my recent pap result and it says im HPV positive (not 16/18) again but have a normal pap. I am so frustrated, im sure my husband hasnt cheated but now I am not so sure, this could be my first infection coming back up but I have no way of knowing. I am also worried about why my pap was normal and if something was missed ;( - i was told i dont need to re-test for another year. I did have COVID in dec and my period came 1 week early so im not sure if that could have reactivated my old virus

I think from what we know so far it’s entirely possible that your dormant virus has been reactivated. It’s not known whether these type of viruses can ever actually be eliminated, or are simply overwhelmed by the body’s immune system into dormancy or inactivity. It is known that they can flare up with stress and some other things that weaken the immune system - it is thought their behaviour is similar to that of Herpes Simplex (that causes reoccurring cold sores) and Chickenpox, which can flare up as Shingles later in life. I hope you stay clear of cell changes and can kick the virus back in the long grass!


Thank you so much ! this is all so very frustrating i just want clear answers and dont want to doubt my husband - thanks for your response