Looking for some support

Hi I have 2b cc and my consultant has asked me would I like to take part in a trail called interlace before my standard chemo and rads I think il will do the trail she has told me my hair will fall out am not really botherd as it will grow back . Has any body lost there hair due to treatment and how did it affect you any advice would be great thanks x

Hi, I'm really sorry to hear of your diagnosis. It is terrifying but now that you know the treatment plan things will happen really quickly. I was diagnosed in December and I have had 3 rounds of pacilitaxel and cisplatin before starting chemo rads. I lost my hair and at first it was devastating but I quickly got used to it and in the grand scheme of things it's not that bad, hair grows and it's amazing how much time you save not having to dry and style it Just pop on the wig and off you go. The best advice I could give you is to cut your hair short first if it's long as it isn't such a shock. I didn't and watching my long hair come out in handfuls was horrible. When I did finaly shave it off it was actually a relief. What chemo will you be getting on the trial? Do you know when your treatment starts yet. X x 


the trail is called interlace carboplatin and paclitaxel I will have these once a week for 6 weeks before my chemo and rads start think it will start in 2 wks time x

i didn't  find the chemo too bad. I think before it starts you imagine the worst and although it's not nice it's do able. I'm starting my third week of chemo rads tomorow. Have you got a wig yet? X x

No I don't have a clue were to get one it's somethink I have never Thourt of any advice plz x

when I went for my first chemo I was given leaflets and info for the wigs. When I went to choose my wig the girl was fab she herself had alopecia so was really understanding I still had my hair at this point which was good as she could try and get something really similar colour wise to my own hair. I went just a shade lighter than my hair and then I got my hairdresser to cut it in my usual style so although I miss my hair everyday the wig is ok and has really helped I'm not brave enough to go out without it. I wish u all the luck in the world for ur treatment and if there are any other questions u have or u just need to vent give me a shout. This site has been a god send for me and all of the ladies on here are brilliant. I don't know where I would be without it. X x