Looking for some advice - recurring BV out of no where

Hi ladies, I'm having an absolutely miserable time at the moment and could really do with some friendly words/advice from someone who has gone through similar. Firstly, can I add that I've only had 2 sexual partners in my life, both long-term. Plus I have PCOS and long cycles. I'll give you a run down of my last 6 months:

All my life up until July: Totally normal

End of July: Hospitalised with bad EBV (glandular fever) with inflamed liver and spleen. Warned it would be up to a year before I felt near normal again.

Late August: Allowed home to recover. 

September: Started feeling sore, thought I had thrush, ulcers developed, then open sores. Diagnosed with HSV1 (herpes) genitally that I apparently could've had all my life, but were showing as my immune system was horrendously low. Have never been in so much pain in my life.

October: 5+ HSV1 break outs

Mid-October: More HSV breakouts - put on long-term anti-virals to suppress. Started dealing with a horrific case of what I thought was thrush. Had weeks upon weeks of treatment (long-term fluconazole and cream). Stopped all exersize, couldn't walk far, horrendously sore, stopped my daily activities. Never examined by my male Dr - just treated. Literally it's all I could think about, I've been stressed out of my mind. It's so sore and uncomfortable, literally ruining my life.

End of October: Ongoing vaginitis/thrush/still being treated for it with long-term fluconazole. Smear test results come back with low grade dyskiraisis(?) and HPV. More stress.

November: More symptoms uncontrolled. Pulling my hair out. No progress through this month.

December: Eventually had swabs done - came back positive for BV so I'd been treated for thrush 5-6 weeks. Put on Metronidoazole oral AND vaginal gel for 5 days over Christmas. Started clearing and had more swabs on day 3 of antibiotics which came back negative for bv and thrush, despite getting a thrush-like discharge after the gel. Spent Christmas Eve getting myself tested at the sexual health clinic (all came back fine) and new year's eve having blood tests re-taken there. Finished the course, period came half way through the course. 

January: Had 3 days of feeling totally normal as my period had just finished. The first 3 days since October and then started having symptoms again. Swelling, purple labia, discharge etc. Spoke to Dr who prescribed more antibiotic vaginal gel to take the same night - another 5 day course. By day 3, I was so pink and still inflamed. Not the same colour as when the BV was bad, but itchy like thrush. Used canestan but started getting burning and irritation and washed it right off. Also had oral thrush in this period. Fluconazole not touched it either. Used natural yoghurt, PH balancing wash and anything that would possibly help, but nothing. I think I now have thrush caused by the antibiotics. Either that or I'm exactly back where I was this time last-menstrual cycle.

My instinct is that this is menstrual cycle related. Everyone keeps telling me it's all about the PH of my vagina but no one can tell me how to get it back to normal? My cycles last 5-6 days normally. It's honestly ruining my life. I'm going to head back to the sexual health clinic tomorrow as they can test for thrush and BV whilst you're there to try and get some clarification and advice on further treatment.

I have my colposcopy for my smear test next week, so I'm hoping to find something out there.

What's hardest is that no one seems to know why I'm suffering recurrently. I've had 3 days relief in almost 4 months and my GP surgery seem to view that as normal because it's 'safe to live with' and 'common amongst women'. I don't really know why I'm rambling on here... but I'm really looking for someone to talk to who understands. xxx

Did they swab the sores to diagnose you or did they do blood tests? I developed genital HSV 1 as well and I've only had one partner. They also told me I could have had it for years before an outbreak but it came out when my immune system was suppressed (I'm on meds for an unrelated condition). What's weird about your case is after my primary outbreak, which was totally miserable, my outbreaks have been minimal. They are only 1-3 sores usually and go away quickly, even without medication. Maybe you could get a second opinion on your next outbreak to see if you were possibly misdiagnosed? From what I understand, HSV1 likes to live in or around the mouth so outbreaks genitally happen much less frequently and sometimes can go away altogether for years.

They also had a hard time diagnosing mine. I told them I've had one partner and knew he was loyal so they tested for everything besides HSV1 and I was misdiagnosed as having a yeast infection and then folliculitis before they finally did a culture and discovered it was the virus. I was looked at by three different doctors before they finally figured it out. Has your partner had any troubles?? Ask him if he had cold sores as a child or ever has any sores on his genitals and perhaps that would help reassure you as well.

It sounds like you are running in circles with treatment so if insurance allows it, I would consider another opinion. I hope you feel better soon!

I'd had recurring bouts of BV and thrush over the last 18 months. The last bout was awful, so sore and swollen it was all I could think about. Thought it was recurrence of BV but ended up being thrush. Treated and clearered fine. 

 What is of note is that a couple of weeks after this I decided to try and lose some weight and go on a low carb way of eating - restricting heavily carbs in my diet and also cutting out sugar. I can honestly say that since I have done that I have been more comfortable down below that at any point in the last 18 months. I'm sure it's related to cutting out the carbs and sugars from my diet. May be worth a try?