Looking for similar experience

Hi, i hope someone can offer some insight, had my daughter 2 years ago, ever since have been bleeding on and off. Had smear last year, was told a polyp was found, bled for 2 weeks afterwards, smear was negativefor hpv. Jan had referall to gynaecology, he said polyp removal was simple and he would do it there and then. He then had a look and said he wasnt equipped and would refer to colposcopy, 8 days later had app. Consultant had a look said it wasnt a polyp, took 3 biopsies , on way home the hospital rang to say they have booked me in for a scan. Has anyone else been in the same position? Surely cant be anything wrong, smear a year ago was negative. Cant help being scared, i have 4 children and cannot bear the thought of not being there for them. I struggle with anxiety and its so hard not to over think.