looking for advise new to this site.

Hi all I was diagnosed with a cin 2 in 2006 after having my first daughter who was 6 months old at the time I wasn't bothered and got told by the consultant I wasn't taking this seriously I was but just didn't want to panicked wanted to focus on my first born child. Ended up having a laser surgery where they take away the abnormal cells. I thought it was over didn't have another smear until 2011 due to other pregnancies and a crap doctors surgery. Anyway afer my third daughter I transfered back to my old surgery who diagnosed me last time had yearly smear which all came back clear. Last smear was October 2013 which again was clear. Anyway in around may this year 2015 I started bleeding inbetween periods I put it down to stress with my eldest daughter who I think may have tourettes syndrome. But it kept happening so I went to the doctors in July and explained my symptoms who sent me for blood tests which all came back normal same happened next period only I was extremely heavy and in excruciating pain pelvis and back even when not bleeding or spotting between periods. She prescribed  codeine 60mg 4 times a day but they just take the edge off. She asked me to go back for swabs to be taken again all come back negative. As she was taking swabs notice something abnormal on my cervix and refered  me for an urgent gynaecology appoint ment for Friday 18th September. I'm cropping myself thinking the worst as I have symptoms this time but didn't last time. I can't remember what to expect at this appointment. Any ideas how long I'll have to wait for a diagnosis or results. Sorry such a long post just really scared this time. SARAH. XX

Hi Sarah

I'm sorry no one has replied to you yet. The main thing to remember is that the symptoms you're describing can be caused by lots of different things and not just cervical abnormalities.

How did your appointment go with the gynae?

Frankie x