Looking for advice re symptoms post op

Hi everyone, this website helped me loads when I was going through my procedure so thought I would join and share my experiences and I'm also looking for some advice. I put off going for smears for a few years after unsuccessful attempts and me being really anxious during the procedure. Last year me and my partner decided to start trying for a baby and it was then that I discussed with the doctor trying for another smear and she recommended I take a valium which I did. This resulted in me having a successful smear. I was then given the results and told I had abnormal cells. I was given an appointment to go in for a colposcopy, which wasn't a good experience for me due to me being very anxious and upset. I was then referred to the hospital for a LLETZ with general anesthetic, which was absolutely fine. 3 weeks later I was told that the cells they removed were cancerous (1a1) and I had to go back in for another procedure as there were still abnormal cells and they wanted to make sure these weren't cancerous. I went in for a further procedure 6 weeks later and I was given the all clear a few weeks later. I am delighted with the news. After my 2nd op I felt a lot worse, I was bleeding really heavily for 2 weeks and I had sore cramps. However for about 4 or 5 weeks now I have had stomach cramps, pains in my left and right side and lower back pain. Pain during sex and sometimes pain when passing urine. I went to doctors they did internal examinations and put me on a course of antibiotics for pelvic infection, this didn't clear the pain. I was then put on a course of antibiotics for urine infection but the cramps and back pain are still there. I am now just waiting on an appointment to go into hospital for scan. I was looking to see if anyone has experienced this after your op? Claire